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Shengen Visa for students in Russia

How many is percent of giving Schengen visa for a student in Russia who live in St. petersburg with budget $1000-$2000 for going to Estonia for 2 day for a conference without have invitation letter?


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    It is possible to go to Tallin from st. petersburg with bus in a few hours, Is it necessary to have flight reserve? and invitation letter?
  • @AK7000000
    If you are going to a conference you will require an invitation or evidence that you will be attending the conference.Without evidence you are attending the conference the percentage of you obtaining a visa is zero
    You dont have to fly you can travel by bus.
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    Thanks for reply, and for 3 days as a tourism who is student in Russia what kind of documents and how much money is necessary?
  • @AK7000000
    You will need to reserve a hotel and transport a return ticket I suggest you do this through a travel agent who will provide an itinerary
    Bank statements, evidence you are a student and your ties to Russia
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