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Marriage To A Polish Girl

edited July 2017 in Europe
Hello everyone , faraz here i know my wife since 2011 and we decided to get marry last year , and she came pakistan we married and our marriage is registered in poland and pakistan too , she did all paper work she sent me invitation letter and rest documents , i applied for visa for 2 times got refused polish embassy is not satisfied i will be back , intention to leave the schengen state could not be ascertained , purpose for justification could not be determined

i am going to meet my wife what other justification do they need

there is not such visa in poland , marriage/spouse or family reunion

if we apply to another schengen country under directive do ya think it will help us to get visa , under directive ? 2004/38/ec

please help me out
we both miss each other tired of this online world texting each other daily



  • @CheersTerry what advice you should give us ?
  • @FarazH
    If your wife works in another EU country you cannot be refused a visa
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    @Alethia thank you for replying me back Ma'am , she works in poland
    what should ya advise us ?

    should we apply for poland again , i know it will be the third time and it wont get us fruitful result or should we apply for any other schengen country ? for visit visa under directive ?

    she is going to visit me this month so we apply for france or germany or estonia under directive that we are going to visit there ? do ya think such visit visa under directive would work ? if my visa is refused from poland ?

  • @FarazH
    I dont know where you got the information that Poland does not have a marriage/spouse visa because they do. You have been applying in the wrong category.
    Please look here
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    Maam poland is the only country which ain't got marriage spouse visa in schengen states we checked the web and my wife contacted lawyer too she said consulate (embassy) is the supreme authority , family reunification is available for foreigner who got permanent residence in poland not for polish person , if you can please guide us we will be extremely grateful to you ma'am. @Alethia
    only three types of visas are shown

    and polish embassy in pakistan website it shows same , no family reunification visa
    if there is marriage spouse visa it will save our life my wife got good job in poland she don't have to leave that job and move to another eu country.
  • @FarazH
    I repeat Poland does have a family reunification visa. Plrase see the link I gave you
    You apply for a D visa not a C tourist visa.This is the route for a residence permit.Your wife must provide proof of her employment, income, 3 months bank statements, wedding photos marriage certificate translated to Polish and proof of accomodation.
    I suggest your wife contact the Polish Voivode
    Who will confirm what I have said.
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    @Alethia yes i applied one time for d visa and 2nd time for c visa

    maam when i applied for d type visa they put objection my intention to leave the territory of republic of poland can not be described

    my wife provided all things even i got all documents with me now

    the problem this is the next step family residence permit and it can be only done once you are in poland then you can apply, you can not apply outside from poland first you have to get visit visa to poland

    germany france and other country have spouse visa but in poland as far as we know it is not available

    to enter in poland a person should get visa (visit) that's how he or she enters then takes date in voivode for permanent residence , please correct me if i am wrong

    there is D type of visa available for certain countries not for pakistan
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    All Schengen countries operate the same way you apply for a D Visa then the residence permit in country. Do not apply for a C visa The D visa is available in Pakistan
    Your wife needs to go to a Polish immigration lawyer you cannot make this application without advice
  • @Alethia we spoke to lawyer this morning he said only consul is the supreme authority
    it depends on consul to give visa or not , i got refused two times that i won't be back i can not go to court against this decision

    in short there is no marriage spouse visa only d visa fine , what if poland doesn't give d visa what you suggest us ?

    residence permit is next step , first step is to enter poland
  • @Alethia my wife will be coming this august so where should we apply if not poland ? any advice for us?
  • @FarazH
    You can apply for a holiday visa with your wife to any Schengen country . Once you have that visa you can enter Poland
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