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How can i get a libyan visa and invitation?

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I'm Filipina and i'm married to Tunisian and currently residing in Tunisia.My husband went to Libya for about 10 days now and he's having difficulty in searching for a way to let me come there also.He's staying in one relative and he started to make queries about how to send an invitation and from where he can take a visa for me,official from Libya accepted to let the relative of my husband send me an invitation but...i should be in Philippines so they can send both visa and invitation.I'm not staying in my country anymore,my question is how can we able to arrange that problem?


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    You may consult Libia Embassy in Tunisia. Generally, wife attached to husband visa can be issue. Tourism visa is almost impossible except organized tour by approved travel agency only.
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    I want to travel to Libya from UK in January, my Libyan boyfriend of 2 years had a serious accident while here in UK and so had to return to Libya. I am english, I would like to know is it allowed to continue this kind of relationship in Libya without marriage (I don't want to break any Laws) is it illegal for either of us to have a sexual realationship?

    Thankyou x
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    hi i m a papkistani and i want to get libyen airport entry visa or visit visa and i have not any person who send me invitation so how i get visa for libya ?
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    hi there guys who are saying u want to go to libya, i am a GAMBIAN and i was in LIBYA for so long but there is no peace in LIBYA and now a days they kidnapp,torture and even kill foreigners so i advice u never visit LIBYA if u dont want to be done such humiliations.
  • hi friends, can someone give information for me, my sister and my best friend have plan to go to Libya in this month , can some one help for invitation letters for visa?
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