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I'm a Pakistani. I am planning to apply for a Schengen visa from Italian Embassy for my honeymoon.

I have a good travelling history. I have had been to Australia, Saudi Arabia and UAE. My wife, though, hasn't traveled in over 7 years. She and I used to be residents in Saudi Arabia. I still have a valid residence permit but I am residing in Pakistan. My questions are related to submission of documents. Firstly, we can submit them together, right? Provided we submit our marriage certificate along with other documents. And can I submit multiple bank statements from my different accounts? My salary accounts has too many withdrawals, thus very few funds to show. While I have another personal bank account which has sufficient funds to show. Is it alright? How much funding should I show for a 15 day tour to Rome, Paris and Prague?


  • @Pilgrim
    Of course you apply together and submit your documents at the same time.
    Only submit bank statements with a good balance as many as you like
    You to budget at least €150 (150 euro) per day for 2 people. These are expensive cities
  • Thanks for the response, @Alethia. I have few more questions. In one of the bank statements, I made a big deposit a week ago. Will it effect the decision a bit?
    And I also have big cash. 'Cause in our traditional wedding scene, bride and groom receive a lot of money as a gift from the relatives. So, do you think I should mention that in the cover letter in case they'd suspect that I don't have enough funds to sponsor my trip through the balance shown in the bank statement?
  • @Pilgrim
    Simply explain in your cover letter that the money was given at your wedding .
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