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Best Summer Holiday Area for Portugal?

Hi, everyone!

My best friend is a huge soccer fan and he wants to go to Portugal soon. But aside from the soccer he doesn't really know what else to do, or what areas are best. Can someone give me some advice on some of the best areas in Portugal to travel to? My friend will be starting his journey in Lisbon - where to from there?

Thanks for all of your help! :)


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    Hi BruQue,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Portugal is a wonderfully diverse country so I’m sure your friend is in for a treat! While Lisbon is a treasure-trove of culture and history, I think a trip to an island destination would be fantastic if he’s looking for some fun in the sun.

    I first suggest Madeira, the birthplace of football star Cristiano Ronaldo, and on to the Azores. While Madeira is strikingly beautiful, you are spoilt for choice in the Azores. It’s got fantastic beaches and loads of outdoor activities.

    Hope this helps!
  • Wow, thanks so much, Bertie. I really appreciate the advice, and I'm sure my friend will too!
  • Well buddies I would like to say that you have shared very nice information about Portugal. I feel bad to say that I have no idea about it because I have never been there in my life it is totally untouched for me and I just heard about it.
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