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taking baby to Tunisia or Algeria

need some information my son is 2 weeks old and i am planning on taking him to Tunisia or Algeria soon his passport done
for 2 weeks his father is Algerian and i am British and wants him to meet his family in Algeria my parents are worried that his father wont allow me to bring him back to uk
but i am sure that he wont keep him there is there anything that i can do just to re insure my family


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    In my opinion it is very unwise to travel with such a tiny baby to Algeria or Tunisia. Your baby is developing its immune system , cabin pressure on a plane and breathing in filtered air is not good for a such young baby.Algeria is not that hygienic
    As for going to Algeria your family are right to be concerned. @lesley and I have told you before not to go there . Once you go to Algeria your child becomes automatically Algerian and you have no right to take your son out of the country without his father/families permission.
    Why would you endanger your child?
    I understand you want your husband to meet his son but in my opinion you are putting yourself and your child at risk.

    I would have thought that instead of going back and forth to Algeria you found employment in the UK or in the EU so you and your hisband could live together
  • ok thanks and i am i planning on opening my own business in next few months as i have been saving as i had to give my job up when i got pregnant and had some child care issues as i never want to put my son in any danger as he have brothers and sister that would never want him taken and not be able to see him thanks
  • Hello mariahamza. pls get married in tunisia. can you give me registrar name with phone number? I see phone number with two registrar name but i can't find it, pls help me.
  • @mariah - I can't even imagine that you would even consider this!! To take a baby anywhere at that age is crazy and to go to Algeria..........there is no decent healthcare and the hospitals?? Well you do know that they are not hygienic and I can vouch for the size of the cockroaches. Is that what you really want? It amazes me that neither of you thought this through before or even after you were married and became pregnant. Please do not take your child anywhere and I mean anywhere.
  • @marcsi - give some more information pls. Did you marry in Tunisia or will you marry? Why do you need the name of a registrar? Also please let me have your nationality so I can provide you with some answers.
  • hello Lesley. we want marry in tunisia. i from hungary. i should the registrar name we can ask her/him about everything we need do before the process we start.
  • @marcsi
    You need to understand Tunisia is not Europe you need to go in person to the marriage office. This is the second time I have said this.
    Lesley has told you that young Algerian men will not be allowed into Tunisia. Lesley has lived in Tunisa many years.
    You need to see if your fiance will be allowed into Tunisia before you do anything
  • @marcsi hello yes have you got email or facebook and i can forward you information about getting married as it not letting me privet message you
  • @mariahamza .hello, yes i have facebook. thank you so much your help.
  • @mariahamza @marcsi - you need to understand that your marriage is registered in the municipality where you live!!
  • yes i know you have to do no impediment before you can get married in Tunisia as i been married for 17 months and i have helped my friend from uk and from usa and they happy married :)
  • @mariahamza [email protected]
    Both of you are missing the point. The law in Tunisia has changed recently. Single Algerian males under 35 can no longer enter Tunisia.
    So marrying in Tunisia may not be possible.
  • this is wrong as me and my husband spent 5 days in tunisia few weeks ago,and my friend and her husband been there for 2 weeks and he 23 years old and my husband is 26 so they didnt have any problems entering tunisia or leaving
  • @mariahamza
    You misread my post I wrote SINGLE Algerian men.
    You and your husband are married so is your friend and her husband . That means the men are not single.

    @Lesley our forum expert has lived in Tunisia for many years has confirmed that due to high unemployment in Tunisia unmarried men from Algeria under 35 had been refused entry to Tunisia.
  • @mariahamza @Alethia - Alethia is correct. The law is now being applied very strictly here now. I know of at least 3 young Algerians who tried crossing the border illegally - rather than deportation they are now in a Tunisian prison (not nice)!! Right now there is no way a single Algerian male can enter Tunisia legally. Please understand me - I live here as a Tunisian. I read the papers, I watch the TV (in Arabic) and I have many contacts, I know what I am talking about. However, if @marcsi and her fiance wish to take the chance I wish them good luck.
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    ohh yes i see and thanks i must have read it wrong but there are good information here as you all know more
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