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Marriage in Tunisia between Hungarian and Algerian.

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hello. im from hungary, my fiance from algerie. we want get marry in tunisia. please help me what papers we need get and where and what language we need translation it. please everyone help me.


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    To marry in Tunisia you will require the following
    1.Your passport
    2 Your birth certificate issued no more than 21 days before the marriage
    3. A document from the Hungarian authorities stating you are free to marry
    4.If you have been married before the death or divorce certificate.
    All these documents must be translated into French ir Arabic
    As Hungarian is an unusual language it may be best to have the documents translated in Hungary as you may not find a Hungarian translator in Tunisia
    Once in Tunisia you must both go for blood tests at any Tunisian hospital.

    Having said all of this Algerians have had a problem recently entering Tunisia. Your fiance needs to confirm he will be able to enter Tunisia.
  • thank you so much Alethia
  • Alethia, pls help me. i see here phone number with two registrar name tunisia, but i dont find now. ps help me with this number and two name
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    You must go in person to the registry office in Tunisia. You will marry in the place nearest to where you stay. You will find the marriage office in the local municipality (belediya) building.
    Another member mariahamza married her Algerian hisband in Tunisia. I have asked her to help you
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    Thank you so much Alethia your all help.
  • @marcsi - unfortunately your fiance will be denied entry to Tunisia. As a young Algerian male (who mainly come here to find work) he will be turned around at the border. Your fiance must know this?
  • hello lesley im mary from hungary. im divorced, my fiance never was married before. he dont want work there, he retired from the elgerian army, we just like get married in tunisia and after it leave tunisia.
  • @marcsi - as I explained previously, your fiance is highly unlikely to gain entry into Tunisia. He hasn't 'retired' he has done his conscripted time.

    Why can't you marry in Algeria??
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