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schenghen visa refusal

please Alethia I serious need your help urgently .I have send you a message but you have not reply me. I am a Ghanaian footballer and I am 17 years but will turn 18 in december .i completed high school in 2015 and I decided not to continue with school anymore but concentrate on my football career. I got an invite from a club in Portugal for a 30 days trials and here in ghana portugal don't have an embassy so its the Netherland embassy that takes gives shenghen visa to portugal.i applied for the schenghen visa at the embassy of the netherland and i provided all that the embassy required but to my surprised i was refused the visa with the following as the reasons 1.sufficient justification for the purpose and circumstances of the intended stay was not provided. 2.Your intention to leave the territory of the member states before expiry of the visa could not be ascertained. 3.It has not been demonstrated or establish to a reasonable degree of credibility that you have a regular and substantial income in your country of origin/habitual residence to support yourself. 4.You have failed to demonstrate that you have significant social or economic ties to your country of origin or country of habitual resident. I intend to re apply but how do I address all these problem


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    Firstly you cannot send me a private message as a new member. That is why you had no answer.
    Obviously you did not provide the documents required. You are an unemployed 17 year old with no income. If you were a student you may have had more chance.
    What documents did you provide from the foot ball club and who was paying for the flight and accommodation?
  • i provided all that needed to be provide that is the invite from the club,an introductory letter from the ghana football association,an introductory letter from my club,travel insurance ,birth certificate , flight booking, my sponsors bank statement
    , i went and they told me am a minor so i have to come with my parents so i told them my mum is sick and my dad too is dead. they then ask me to come with my mum and also the death certificate of my date.i went with my mum to give the letter of conscent but i was surprised after all these they still refused me the visa
  • and talking about unemployment i have taken football as my profession an am currently playing in the ghana premier league.i made an attempt to open a bank account in january but i was told because am a minor that is am below 18 i cant open an accounts so because of that my salary are being paid into my manager's account and he is the one sponsoring the trip
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    You could try appealing the decision backed up by a letter from the Portugese club and the Ghana football association
    Otherwise you must wait until you're 18 with your own bank account.
  • Alethia i thought you said appeals dont really work so its better i re apply
  • morever its the club that is going to take care of me during my short stay there including food and accommodati0on till i return
  • and i have seen players in ghana below 18 travel for trials in shenghen states and return so why am i facing all these complicated problems
  • my manager who is sponsoring the trip used his bank state as a proof
  • @boampong10
    Then reapply you seem to have all the answers
  • please not that have patience for me okay
  • i want us to take the reasons step by step then you help me solve them
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    the first one is sufficient justification for the purpose and circumstances of the intended stay was not provided. please what does this mean and what can i provide to solve this Alethia
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