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I need advice please...

edited July 2017 in Africa
Hello everyone, i am a Nigerian woman, 31 and in a relationship with an Australian man 42 that has been making me happy. We chat and video call everyday, met him online. I have never travelled out of my country and we discussed me moving to Australia after he has come to Lagos couple of times. I feel i have found the one but i am scared because i have no relatives or friends there. I don't know how life is over there but i don't mind being with the person that makes me complete. It's hard to leave one's life where you're born or raised but it's rare to find a good man either, i am just scared of safety as i have no relatives or friends there. I am just confused, this distant thing is very strenuous and he's a wonderful individual. Don't want to lose him. Please i need advice... Thank you. @Alethia I have been reading through your comments and i feel you could advice, please.


  • @arsenaldoll
    I have never been one to pass up on lifes opportunities.
    You should grab this chance with both hands. Australia is a great country.
    I have travelled, lived and worked abroad as a single woman and yes it can be scary but what have you to lose?
    If it does not work out you will have seen Australia and another culture. If things work out you will be happily married maybe working and have new friends. I would not hesitate for one minute.
    If we all stayed where we are born and raised the world would be a sad small place.
    You have so many ways to stay in touch with your family and friends via the internet.
    So go for it girlfriend and good luck !!
  • I really appreciate your response @Alethia, you're so wonderful and i am calm now. I was just scared Nigeria is far to Australia and it may be hard to see my family. He's a wonderful man and assured me he'd meet my parents and sort it all out. I need to talk to people like you more often because you've answered it all. Besides, i need to know if the people are accommodating. It's like weight was lifted off my chest. Thank you!
  • @Alethia you know you are a source of light in darkness ! may Allah bless you
  • @arsenaldoll - don't be scared in Australia! I am an Aussie but now live in North Africa. Australia is a wonderful country, majority of people are warm and friendly, the system is easy to work out and the culture, well it is multi-cultural. The Chinese and Afghanis were the first real immigrants going back to the early 1800's and it's just got better since then. You will find people of every national and it is said that you can eat out at a different ethnic restaurant every day for more than 1 year. Aussies are adventurous and curious by nature, so expect to make a lot of friends in your first few days. Love Australia and it will love you back double. Good luck!!
  • Good luck @arsenaldoll.. Warm regards from a Naija sis.
  • @Lesley I am happy to read from you, i have agreed to move to Australia after he must have visited Nigeria couple of times to meet my family, it's essential for my family to be rest assured i will be okay where i have no relatives. I can't thank you enough and i am looking forward to the new life, how is North Africa where you are? I hope you're enjoying our atmosphere? @Alethia Thank you for being wonderful @FarazH she's indeed a blessing. @vivyTicketer Thanks sis, how are you and everything? Good to read from a fellow Nigerian...
  • @arsenaldoll - Tunisia is my home now. I have been here for a long time and I feel happy here. I have been a nomad for a very long time and like @Alethia lived in a lot of countries. But now my feet have found their place.
  • I am happy for you @Lesley
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