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South Korea - Tested positive for drugs

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  • Late last year, the police came to my home and suspected me of using drugs. I was arrested and taken to the police station where they made me submit to a drug test. It came out positive. However, I explained that I travel a lot and I told them that I never had used drugs in Korea. Since I could prove by my passport that I was overseas for a year and just got back to Korea, I think they didn't charge me (but maybe it is still under investigation?). In any event, I was not detained nor were any formal charges made that I'm aware of. In March of 2017, a different group of police officers came to my home and asked me a few questions about some people. They also asked me to submit to a drug test, but this time I refused on the grounds that I wanted a lawyer present. They agreed and scheduled a voluntary meeting for the following week so I could bring a lawyer. Thinking I might fail this test again and understanding the strict penalties, combined with what occurred a few months earlier, I got nervous and decided to leave Korea for a long time. However, I just learned that a close family member is gravely ill in Korea so I was thinking of visiting. Would you advise against this? What do you think my legal status is in Korea? Is there a possibility that I will be denied entry (or even arrested at the airport)? Is there anyway I could find out if I am allowed entry into Korea before making travel plans? This would really save me a lot of money and stress beforehand. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    You dont give your nationality.
    Only Korean immigration know if you are eligble to enter Korea. Even if you have a visa obtained before entry the immigration officer at the Korean point of entry can cancel the visa and refuse you entry.
    I would not go, why have all the hassle.
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  • So I should just call 1345 and they would tell me if I am allowed to enter Korea?
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    I created a new topic for this discussion as it was unrelated to the old one. Please note Alethia's last comment was:

    Thats a good idea.
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