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Can I prolong my stay in Tunisia?

This discussion was created from comments split from: what is the cost of overstayed visa in Tunisia ??.


  • Hi. I'm going to Tunis for business trip from July 23 for 2 week.
    However, as I initially planned my trip for 1 week and submitted to the Tunisian embassy in Japan hotel reservation for 5 days starting from July 24, they gave me visa for visiting Tunisia from July 24 to July 28.
    Now I have to stay in Tunisia from July 24 ( I'm planning to arrive to Tunis airport before midnigt of July 23 so that to be able to attend a meeting from the morning of July 24) till August 4.
    In this case can I ask immigration officer to prolong my stay in Tunisia showing my return ticket and hotel reservation? I have an invitation letter from from STEG stating that I will be visiting Tunisia for 3 years.
    Or shall I extend my visa in nearby police office.
    Please kindly advise.
  • @azam513 - you need to go to the police station to have your visa extended. What is your nationality?
  • Lesley, Thanks.
    I'm from Uzbekistan, but now resident of Japan.
    How long does it take in police office, because I shall be attending meetings all day long during weekdays.
    For example, may I visit police station for extension on Saturday, July 29? My visa stay ends on July 28.
    And what is the working hours of police station?
    Do they speak English? Or shall I take Arabic or French interpreter?
    I'll be staying at Sheraton Tunis Hotel.

    Thanx in advance.
  • @azam513
    Of course you cannot go to the police station the day after your visa expires you must go before your visa expires.
    You will need an interpretor as the language is Tunisian Arabic spoken at the police station
  • Thanks Alethia.
    I will visit police station as soon as possible.

    If somebody had such experience, please share how long does it take this procedure in police station. I'd like to extend my visa just for one week.
  • @azam513 - go to the police station the day you arrive. Sometimes you can find English spoken by the police in the capital Tunis, but to be on the safe side you should take an interpreter.
  • Lesley, thanks again. I'll do so.
    What's the implications if I overstay few days without extension? Only TND10 fine per week or ban the next visit. As I will visit Tunisia often ban is not desirable.
  • @azam513
    Why ask such a silly question which you answered yourself. If you want to travel to Tunisia regularly why play games and be banned? Does not make sense
  • "... As I will visit Tunisia often ban is not desirable..."

    Then don't break their laws.

    Honestly, why do you even have to be told this? Wake up...

  • @azam513 - why will you visit often? You may be eligible for a carte de sejour which will alleviate the problem of a visa each time. Please tell me your nationality and I will advise. Please don't think that we are a bit nuffnuff here. When money is involved we are totally on top of it!!
  • Thanks all.
    Sorry for silly questions. As my schedule in Tunis is very tight (all day long meetings everyday) I may not make to go to police station in their open hours. And as my visa is only for July 24-28, I may stay there plus 3-4 days.

    Lesley, my nationality is Uzbekistan. I live and work in Japan and going to Tunisia for regular meetings with our client there for 3 years from now.
    As you said Carte de sejour may be a solution, however I can not be Tunisian resident and tax implications may be a problem.
    If they can issue this carte for short visitors without becoming tax resident, it worth the consideration.
  • edited July 2017
    You seem to have little regard for the immigration laws of Tunisia. If you did not obey the laws of Japan you would be in serious difficulties so why do you treat the laws of Tunisia different ?

    No one is too busy to regularise their immigration status. Please follow @Leslies advice
  • @azam513 - when you arrive at the airport to depart you must buy a foreigner departure tax stamp. Then when you go to immigration they will demand the fine - you will have to go to a special office, pay exactly what they demand and they will give you paperwork. This can take sometimes more than 1 hour depending on the number of flights leaving and the time and day.

    Seriously - as a carte de sejour holder there are no tax implications. You will not pay tax. Consult your client and they can be of assistance! Most business here who have foreign connections will organise carte de sejour for their expats etc. It costs only tnd250 which can save you a lot over a year if you keep flouting our immigration laws.
  • Lesley, I will surely talk with my client about carte de sejour.

    Alethia, thanks for your advices.
    I'm asking all this info from you guys in order not to break any laws and rules in Tunisia mistakenly. Now I know that I should go to the police station urgently if I there is small probability to overstay my visa.
  • Dear All.
    Now I'm in Tunis and just now I went to police station near Sheraton Tunis hotel.
    Police officer told me that they do not prolong the visa in this police station, and I should go to Tunis airport police station just before leaving Tunisia, i.e August 5.
    As I've already wrote, visa on my pasport is valid untill July 28, however I would like to stay in Tunis till August 5. My return ticket is on August 5, departing on 01:55 midnight.
    I have also hotel booking untill August 5.
    I can not trust police officer's word that application for extension is Ok on August 5, before leaving. So I'm going to Tunis airport police station and check with them today.
  • Afternoon I went to Tunis airport police station, and they also said that they do not extend visa. They advised me to overstay my visa and to pay 20 TND per week before my departure.
    Then I went to airport and asked immigration officers too. They said the same thing, that I may overstay visa with no problem and pay 20 TND before departure.
    I don't know what to do next, follow their advice and put myself into illegal position or not.
    Please advisr if you can.
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    Do not listen to the police and do not overstay.
    @Lesley explained clearly that you must apply for a Carte de Sejour. Ask your client to assist you
  • Alethia, thanks.
    On thursday I'm going to the Ministry of Interior. Local police refused CDS application without apartment contract and employment contract in Tunisia.
    I'm going to ask for it in the Ministry.
    Anyway, if they do not extend my visa, I will depart in July 28.
  • @azam513
    You do not need an employment contract to stay in Tunisia there are many retired and self sufficient foreigners. You simply have to have sufficient income and surely your client could provide a rental contract even if you dont actually live there.
  • So now you can start to understand this crazy Tunisia!! We do anything for money lol!! You can definitely extend your visa and your client here can even help you with it, but whether they will assist you is a decision for them. Overstay and pay the fine, really it's nothing tnd20,000 is equivalent to around PS6.00............

    As @Alethia advises you can have a CdS and many have.
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