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Migrating to Australia as Pakistani National

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  • Hi, I am Pakistani National 47yrs,grown up in saudi arabia, i have High School certificate and holding Diploma in Airport services, I worked at Jeddah airport for 8yrs and than at Dubai airport for 16yrs. now in Pakistan without any business or job even i don't have sufficient fund to show to obtain visa for Australia or New Zealand, i am willing to migrate with my Indonesian wife to get well settled in one of these countries. Appreciate if you can guide me.
  • @shaby - in order for you to migrate your wife - especially to Australia - your wife must hold at least permanent residency and show that she has the ability to support herself and you!! It is not easy for an Indonesian to have even a visa to visit Australia.
  • @shaby
    Without funds, education, or a job neither you or your wife will be granted a visa for any country and certainly not Australia or New Zealand
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