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What's the best way to travel around Guatemala?

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I'll be in Guatemala for a couple months, anyone got any tips or advice about the most efficient and safest mode of transport? I want to make a trip to Antigua and also a couple other areas - any helpful info would be great!



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    I would recommend taking tour buses. I don't mean the public buses you'll see which are crazily decorated old american school buses. I mean smaller buses (often minibuses) that you can arrange from a tour office. There are plenty of these in all the major towns. They are designed to take you to all the attractions, and they're usually pretty damn cheap.

    Antigua is a cool town, that maybe slightly overrun with tourists, but it's an excellent base to explore the surrounding area. I would personally recommend a visit up Volcano Pacaya (bring sturdy shoes for the lava!) and a trip to Lake Atitlan. Tikal in the north is amazing, and the Rio Dulce.

    Everyone always mentions the market of Chichicastenango, but I found it quite tame and boring to be honest.

    Anyway, have a great time!
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    From the airport (GUA) to Livingston (marina of Rio Dulce). HAve any suggestion? Is it safe to travel by public bus on this long run? (5 hours)?
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    I would like to rent a car and travel around Guatemala but am worried about safety. Any suggestions/comments? I have driven all over the Caribbean, other countries in Central America, Mexico, and Africa without incident. Thanks, Philippe
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    In guatemla the roads are not good and there is a LOT of traffic using them. Chicken buses with bits falling off hog the roads. Roads are also very windy, though scenic, and people simply drive too fast. Personally i would advise even sitting in the front seat for fear of death and instead stick to shuttle buses, I wouldnt consider driving at all. These can be difficult to organise unless yopur a very savvy experienced traveller, have lots of time on your hands and speak spanish. Best advice is to go on a preorganised trip , which you can still do independently but without all the worry and stress. Check out our Guatemalan tours which can even incorpoarte Belize and Mexico.
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