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Soldier in Nigeria

I have been talking with someone who claims to be a bomb specialist in the Army working in Nigeria. I posted photos of several scam scenarios from this site to him. He said I had to request his leave. Checked the US Army website and found that to be a lie. I accused him of being a liar, at which point he got very angry and said I need you to pay for BTA and baggages. I told him I have no money but apologized for offending him. He said he makes tons of money. I said ask your Mom, she can send it to you! No reply.


  • @springwillow
    Well done.
    There are no US army contingents in Nigeria
    There is also no such thing as BTA ( basic travel allowance) it is a hoax used by scammers
    Block tbis person and move on. There must be a nice man out there somewhere. All the best
  • @springwillow I am a Nigerian and it hurts to see our reputation tarnished, i am in a relationship with an Australian and he knows so much about me and my family. When someone in Nigeria says he/she is in the army and then asking for money, it's purely scam and won't condone such act. So sorry for what you went through.
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