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Visa re-application: do I need to tell them about first refusal?

edited July 2017 in - Italy
hi alethia am the guy who consulted you about being a footballer and visa was refused.Am about to re apply ,do i need a cover letter to tell them about my first refusal


  • edited July 2017
    You only have to admit on the visa application form that you were refused, you dont need to put it in a cover letter. All Schengen countries are linked by SIS (Schengen Information System) which holds all applicants information.
    Last time they refused because they did not believe the purpose of your visit or that you will return home.
    I hope your application is stronger with more documents from the Portugese club and the Ghana FA.
    If not you will again be refused
  • its more strong and I must admit the embassy were right to refuse me the visa because I was missing alot of document but i think now all my documents are set
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