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Applying for a Schengen Visa for spouse of EU citizen.



  • Hi @Alethia

    Travel Dates: 24 Oct to 5 Nov..Ticket bookings were attached

    Applications submitted on : Oct 6
    Application received at UK Decision making Center: Oct 9
    Email Received Form them: Oct 19
    Email is below:

    Thank you for applying for a UK visa. Your visa application has been received and is under consideration. We aim to process non settlement applications within 15 working days (unless you have opted for the Priority Visa service), and settlement applications within 60 working days.

    Unfortunately, the processing of your application has not been straightforward and we will be unable to decide your application within our customer service targets. We are continuing to work on your application and aim to make a decision as soon as possible.

    We will write to you again if there is any change to this. Please do not attend the Visa Application Centre until you have been advised that your application has been decided and that your passport is ready for collection.

    Kind Regards,

    UK Decision Making Center

    This is the email that was received from them.
  • @arslan_5
    This is not the first time I have seen an email like this. Other people have received them, one recently for a marriage settlement. I have no idea why the Home Office are doing this but it is not personal as this is a standard email.

    The European Commission for Migration states :-
    As a general rule, a decision is taken by the Consulate within 15 days.

    This period may, in individual cases, be extended up to 30 days and, exceptionally, 60 days, if a more detailed examination of your application and/or additional documents are required.

    One comment I would make is that you submitted your application very late considering you were travelling on 24 October
  • @Alethia okay if you say so.

    I will update you if i receive any other update from them. Actually my fathers passport was going to expire in November so thats the reason we rushed through this so that they can complete the visit and than my father can get his passport renewed as it takes about a month to get the passport renewed.
  • @arslan_5
    I suggest your father renews his passport asap. As he wont be able to travel
  • @Alethia Yes he is going to do that. But we are just waiting for the response from the now. I dont know why its taking so long
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