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Applying for a Schengen Visa for spouse of EU citizen.



  • Hi @Alethia

    Travel Dates: 24 Oct to 5 Nov..Ticket bookings were attached

    Applications submitted on : Oct 6
    Application received at UK Decision making Center: Oct 9
    Email Received Form them: Oct 19
    Email is below:

    Thank you for applying for a UK visa. Your visa application has been received and is under consideration. We aim to process non settlement applications within 15 working days (unless you have opted for the Priority Visa service), and settlement applications within 60 working days.

    Unfortunately, the processing of your application has not been straightforward and we will be unable to decide your application within our customer service targets. We are continuing to work on your application and aim to make a decision as soon as possible.

    We will write to you again if there is any change to this. Please do not attend the Visa Application Centre until you have been advised that your application has been decided and that your passport is ready for collection.

    Kind Regards,

    UK Decision Making Center

    This is the email that was received from them.
  • @arslan_5
    This is not the first time I have seen an email like this. Other people have received them, one recently for a marriage settlement. I have no idea why the Home Office are doing this but it is not personal as this is a standard email.

    The European Commission for Migration states :-
    As a general rule, a decision is taken by the Consulate within 15 days.

    This period may, in individual cases, be extended up to 30 days and, exceptionally, 60 days, if a more detailed examination of your application and/or additional documents are required.

    One comment I would make is that you submitted your application very late considering you were travelling on 24 October
  • @Alethia okay if you say so.

    I will update you if i receive any other update from them. Actually my fathers passport was going to expire in November so thats the reason we rushed through this so that they can complete the visit and than my father can get his passport renewed as it takes about a month to get the passport renewed.
  • @arslan_5
    I suggest your father renews his passport asap. As he wont be able to travel
  • @Alethia Yes he is going to do that. But we are just waiting for the response from the now. I dont know why its taking so long
  • Hi @Alethia Its been almost 50 days since we applied for the visa and we have not received any response from them yet except the email that i have already posted above which was received on 19th October. Can you guide me who should i contact ? Usually it takes this much time fora family permit visa ?
  • @arslan_5
    I gave you all the contacts you needed to complain to on 5 July 2017

    You need to make a complaint to SOLVIT
    SOLVIT is the EU complaints section.
    The London SOLVIT contact is
    Chris Korcz
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel 0442072152833
  • Hi @Alethia Thank you for providing the details again. I just need to know that should i complain on solvit or wait for some more time. What is the maximum time that the Visa office takes to process a application ? i received an email form them on 9th Oct that they have received the application anf than on 19th oct i received the email above.
  • @arslan_5
    All EEA dependent applications should be free and should be dealt with as soon as possible under an accelerated procedure.
    Please read this article from Freedom of movement in the EU
    It clearly states to complain to SOLVIT and gives the only reasons under which an EEA dependent can be refused.
    50 days is far to long to wait for an EEA dependent visit visa
  • Hi @Alethia Thank youuu for all your support and guidance. Today we received the passport with 6 months EEA family permit Visa Granted to my mother. Its all because of your help and guidance.
  • Hi @Alethia I need to ask one more thing is it compulsory for my father to travel with my mother or she can travel alone ? now that she has been granted EEA Family permit Visa.
  • @arslan_5
    I am delighted your mother finally received her EEA Family permit and I am glad to have been of assistance.
    Your father does need to travel with her. Normally there is an endorsement on the visa
    Something like joining or accompanying ....
    Especially as this is the first time she has been to the UK I think your father needs to travel with her to avoid any problems.
    My very best wishes to you and your family
  • @Alethia Okay sure. Thank you for the help. God bless you.
  • edited January 3
    @Alethia Hope you are doing good. Thank for all the help you provided last time. We came back yesterday and we had an excellent trip. I have one more issue on which i need some advice.
    As i told you before that my father is a Norwegian National who is currently living in Pakistan from the last 15 years. My sister and i have never visited Norway but due to my fathers nationality we were granted citizenship/passport of Norway. My sister traveled to UK a couple of times but never to Norway. This year she turns 22 and about 4 years ago we heard that a law is passed according to which if a person has not lived in his country of nationality for 2 years before he or she turns 22 their passport/Nationality will be cancelled the day they turn 22. Previously whenever we renewed our passport it was granted for 10 years but when my sister applied for the passport, her validity was of 5 years and it expires on the day she turns 22(which will be this year in June). Do you have any knowledge about this ? or any advice on how we can save the nationality. I know this issue might not be faced by many people and you may not have any knowledge about this but if you can refer me to someone or where can i get help regarding this would be a huge favor. My father currently resides in Pakistan and my sister has never traveled to Europe. Thank you.
  • @arslan_5
    Please read yhis link from the Norwegian government

    This makes me really annoyed that your sister holds a passport that is so precious to non Europeans. People literally die chasing the dream of of a European passport and your sister has never botherd to use it. This is why she was only given 5 years validity when she last renewed the passport.
    Your sister needs to go to live in Norway its as simple as that. She then needs to instruct a lawyer to help her retain her citizenship.
    She could of course marry into the Pakistani community in Norway if she is single.
  • edited January 4
    @Alethia I totally understand what you are trying to say, everyone in our family told us that wasting the citizenship is a bad idea but due to my sisters ongoing education she can not just leave her studies and go live in Norway alone. Is there any way to retain the citizenship now ? She has a ongoing bachelors degree.

  • @arslan_5
    A bachelors degree from Pakistan is more or less worthless outside of Pakistan.
    Why did your sister not study abroad millions of female students study abroad every year
    This was no excuse to waste a precious citizenship. Your father has no contacts in Norway where she could stay?
    If your sister does not go to Norway she will lose her citizenship. You can not fix this problem from Pakistan. Your sister will lose her citizenship for a worthless degree.
  • @Alethia Yes i understand that the degree is worthless as compared to the Passport but its very difficult for her to move to Norway now. I read online that you can apply to retain your Nationality and you might not loose you nationality if you become stateless. Since my sister only has norwegian nationality and if that is cancelled she will become stateless right ? so is there any chance or course of action that we can follow. Your help will be highly appreciated.
  • @arslan_5
    Your sister is not stateless as she is entitled to Pakistani citizenship through her mother and father and has lived in Pakistan all her life and holds a Pakistani ID card.
    I cant understand that your father lived in Norway for many years and never took his family there.You need to contact a Norwegian Immigration Lawyer for expert advice.
  • @Alethia Okay thank you. I will get in contact with a lawyer. And my sister does not have a Pakistani ID Card we have a Pakistan origin card and we are not considered here as citizens.
  • Hi @Alethia hope you are fine. I would like to ask a couple of questions from you. My mother has returned form her trip to UK and now she will like to travel again in April, this time we plan to visit Paris and Netherlands so she needs a schengen visa. I wanted to ask that like UK do schengen countries provide a EEA family permit visa ? and is it issues free of charge?.
    Secondly her Visa will expire in June and we will again apply for a EEA family permit, so will the new visa that is issued have the same condition i.e Accompanied by husband written on Visa. Is there any way to get EEA family permit without my father travelling with her each time and will the visa be issued for 6 months every time ?
  • @arslan_5
    Your mother does require a Schengen visa and it is free of charge and should be easier now that she has been to the UK.
    The family permit visas issued by the UK are always for 6 months. These are the UK rules.

    When you apply for a Schengen visa they should issue a standard visit visa and your mother could travel without your father.
  • Hi @Alethia okay thankyou. What about the other question. Every time we apply for visit visa this will be written on the visa Accompanied by husband written on Visa. Is there any way to get EEA family permit without my father travelling with her each time.
    Thankyou for your help.
  • @arslan_5
    I did answer you. The UK issues a family residence permit and your father has to travel with you mother.
    However the Schengen zone is different you are applying for a visit visa the visa is free anf your mother can travel without your father
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