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What country of Schengen zone should I get a visa?

My husband and I are going to have a cruise. Place of embarkation and disembarkation will be in Italy and we decided to extend 3 days in Italy.
according to our itinerary
Day 1: Rome (embarkation)
Day 2: At Sea
Day 3: Palma DE Malloca, Spain
Day 4: Cartagena, UK
Day 5: Lisbon Portugal
Day 6: Seville (Cadiz) Spain
Day 7: At Sea
Day 8: Ibiza Spain
Day 9: Barcelona, Spain
Day 10: Provence, France
Day 11: At Sea
Day 12: Rome (embarkation)
Day 13-15: Rome (3 days extension)

According to Schengen rules, you will apply in the country where u will stay longer. With this Itinerary, will Stay 5 days in Spain (if I will also consider Day 7 'at sea' part of Spain territory & Will stay 7 days in Italy (if I will include the day 2 & day 11 'at Sea' as part of Italian territory.

My question is, am I counting the days properly with corresponding country? and which of the 2 country should I get a visa? I am from USA, a green card holder only.

I need your help please. Thank you for your help.



  • @Bloom123
    You need to apply to Italy because not only is this the country you will stay longest but also your point of entry and exit.
    Enjoy your cruise.
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