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Wedding in Antalya, Turkey.

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  • We are planning a Antalya wedding in September. Can we get the required documents translated and certified in our own country before coming to Turkey? Where exactly do you get the marriage petition?
  • @williat5

    1.) You are posting on a thread that's 8 months old. Start your own Original Post.

    2.) Give all pertinent information, starting with your nationality.

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    I started a new a new topic because @CheersTerry is correct you posted on an old thread.
    Terry is also correct that we need to know your nationality.

    The marriage petition or application known in Turkish as Evlenme Beyannamesi is obtained and filed at the municipality wedding office.

    Normally all documents must be certified at your Embassy and then taken to the local Governors office in Antalya for the apostille
    ( free of charge) This is why we need to know your nationality.
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