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Marriage in Antalya

I am from the US and my fiance is from Iran. We are getting conflicting information from the embassies in our countries on the correct documentation required to get married in Turkey. Can I get all my documents translated in the US to use in Turkey? Does he need his birth certificate translated? The Turkish embassy in Iran said he would not need this document, just his Iran state ID card.


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    Please go to this site
    This has all the information you require as a US citizen marrying in Turkey.
    Your documents are normally translated at the US Embassy in Ankara who also supply
    The affidavit stating you are free to marry.
    You need your passport ,your birth certificate and if you have been married before the death or divorce certificate. Not so much to translate.
    You are not the first American to marry in Turkey so please follow the tried and tested route do not cut corners.

    Of course your fiancee needs his birth certificate, passport etc translated just the same as you.
    Please allow plenty of time to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility to Marry from the Iranian Embassy in Turkey. Your fiance cannot marry without this. The Iranian Embassy will also require extensive information about you his intended bride.

    You will need a translator to help you as the wedding ceremony is in Turkish. Only non religious civil marriages are legal in Turkey and are officially recognised throughout the world
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