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UK Visa Settlement

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hello just need little information about visa i want to apply in the next few months for visa for my husband i have just bought my own small business that i will be starting up in few days i want to know if you need to show that you have money for 1 year in your account i have looked on site and all it says that you need 18,600 annual maybe someone could help me with this ? thanks


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    £18600 is the annual salary you must earn from your business.
    You cannot apply for your husband until you are earning £18600 a year from your business as a self employed person.this means it will take at least a year for you to show this income. You are required to show one years accounts, plus HMRC self assessment for tax which you cannot do until after one year of trading.
    The required documents are required by law and an application cannot be made without the mandatory documents. These can be found at FM-SE
    It is complicated and I urge you to get immigration advice from a competent lawyer or OISC immigration consultant.
  • Hello,could you please suggest if I apply for spouse visa from Dubai and leave UAE according to visa,requirements ( in case its granted) ,can I come back to UAE to finalise all my work related things after one week...spend sometime in UAE...and go back to UK.Thank you in advance!!!!!
  • @pupa
    No you cannot return to Dubai your supposed to be living in the UK. If you do travel to Dubai the time will ve deducted from your UK visa and you will not meet the visa requirements for the spouse extension. Sort things out before you leave.
  • Thank you very much for your propmt reply! Does it mean I cant leave UK within entire 33 month period? Is there any restrictions placed by goverment,could you please kindly clarify...thank you!!!!
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    Yes you can leave but on normal holidays no longer than one month
  • Could you please kindly advise...if im applying together with my 8 years son...and all sponsor's original docs as pay slips...etc will be with my application...can I attach with my son's application only copies?
  • @pupa
    You need to put not only the copies but a cover letter joing the two applications together and explaining that the originals are with your application and copies with your sons application
  • Hello,we are in process of many questions :) Could you please kindly advise...if the notarized translated copy of the document which is not in English is sufficient or document needs to have Apostile.Thank you!!!!!!!
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    Notarised documents are fine. No need for an apostille
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