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U.S. Citizen Wanting to Marry in Tunisia

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My algerian boyfriend wants to get married in Tunisia. I am from the U.S.A. What do I need to prepare here and then prepare there for this?
I also dont understand how to get a certificate of no impediment or celibacy?
Do I have to reorder a new birth certificate or is the one I have good?
Please give all the information you have and try to make it easy for me.


  • Do you know if you will be allowed here to the u.s.a after this?
  • Also how much time should we spend there?
  • edited August 2017
    If your boyfriend is under 35 he will not be allowed into Tunisia.So you cannot marry there.
    The threat from terrorists is very high in Algeria so Tunisia has closed its borders.

    Your boyfriend cannot walk into the USA because you marry him.
    It can take six months or more to be granted a spouse visa for the USA depending if you and he meet all the requirements. I hope you have a lot of money to pay for this
  • can you repost what you wrote about turkey?
  • @aslansglow - repost?? Just go to the thread and read it!
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