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Me and my algerian boyfriend want to get married in turkey.

Can you give me easy steps to do here in the u.s.a and when I get there. Like everything I will need and he will need. Also how new does the birth certificate have to be?


  • @aslansglow
    Go to this website for all the information

    The Istanbul Affidavit of Eligibility is the document that states you are free to marry.
    Your birth certificate must not be older than one month.
    The only thing you can do in the US is obtain your birth certificate and download the completed affidavit. Do not sign it.
    Everything else must be done in Turkey
    The hospital blood tests and trabslations must be dobe in Turkey.
    Turkey only has civil weddings religious weddings are not legal. Turkish weddings are legaly recognised throughout the world.
    In Turkey your translation of your passport birth certificate and if you have been married before the divorce or death certificate can be done by a Notary ( a specialist lawyer) you will need a translator as neither of you speak Turkish
  • @aslansglow
    Your boyfriend will need a visa for Turkey.
    Algerians cannot travel freely
  • Does he need an invitation letter? Does he have to do an interview with the turkish embassy
  • @aslansglow
    He simply makes a visa application to the Turkish embassy
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