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Applying for a eea family permit from tunisia

Hi guys,
I m tunisian 32 years old i met a bulgarian lady one years ago and we loved each other so much , she didnt stop coming to me everymonth almost (12 times in one year).so thats why we decided to marry and we did it 3 months ago exatly in The 27 /05.
Now we are thinking to apply for a visa and as i saw in the the one i need is a EEA family permit cause my wife she is from the EEA (BULGARIAN)
she have her residence card cause she lived there for 10 years and she can easly get her p60.she was working in a rail station for a good salary but she stopped for 3 months she was in benefetis but 4 months ago she come back woeking a full time job in another rail station company.she is renting a house composed of 5 rooms for 3 years now.
The only negetive side of the story is that her bank account is in -2000£ cause of her non stop coming to me.
So what i want to know how far can i go with my visa request?and how can i orgenize a successful convincing folder to get an eea family permit visa cause to be honest and for now my financial situation cant allow me to apply for a settelelmnt visa?
Sorry guys i ve been long i just wanted to explain the case hopefully to get a great advise from u.thank u in advance.
Best regards


  • @Alethia i need ur help pls
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    When applying for a UK EEA Residence permit
    You only need proof of your relationship which you have with her air tickets and photos of you together.
    A letter from her employer, 2 or 3 recent payslips. Proof that she rents the house e.g. the rental contract.
    She does not need to provide bank statements. You complete the on line form and go to the TSL office in Tunisia.there is no visa fee. Read the TSL Tunisia website for more information.
  • Thank you so much @Alethia
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