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What Kind Of Visa Do I Need?

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In case you are preparing to visit Vietnam, you nowadays can quit worrying about visa and also acquire thinking about your trip with the helpful information below.
Do I Need To Have A Visa To Go To Vietnam?
For most citizens throughout the world, the answer is without a doubt. Apart from this regulation is the inhabitants of several Southeast Asian countries, South Korea, Russia, Japan, and also Scandinavia.
Just in case you believe you are probably exempt from visa requirements, ensure that you confirm with your local consulate to discover the duration of time you may very well remain in Vietnam without having a visa, as this time period can differ by country.
What Kind Of Visa Do I Need?
In the event that you are going on vacation to Vietnam, you will need to have a single-entry tourist visa and also its validity for either 30 or 60 days according to the duration of time that you hope to remain.
Just in case you go to Vietnam and have the plan to exit the nation plus re-enter, you will need a multiple-entry tourist visa. The application procedures of single and multiple entry visa are the same as well as also just different about the price.
Where Can I Get Visa To Vietnam?
There are 2 methods to obtain Vietnam visa for residents of foreign countries. You can either arrange your Vietnam visa beforehand through Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your nation or get hold of Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA). Each option has its advantage as well as downside.
Option 1: Getting Visa At Vietnam Embassy Or Consulate
• This way permits people to get into Vietnam through airport and land frontiers
• Method more expensive than VOA
• You are not necessary to wait for processing on arrival at Vietnam airport
getting your hands on visa at Vietnam Embassy is more costly than obtaining VOA. You may very well request a visa face to face, by post or email and request for a visa up to 6 months before hand of arrival in Vietnam.
Option 2: Acquiring Visa On Arrival (VOA)
• An alternative option to get hold of visa at Vietnam Embassy
• people are able to come in Vietnam through airway only
• less costly than getting your hands on visa prior to traveling
• The procedure is simpler than getting visa at Embassy
To acquire a VOA, you can hire an agency as a way to help you to get hold of an Approval Letter. After making application, you will obtain an Approval Letter after 2 to 3 days. On arrival in Vietnam, you must show your Approval Letter, Passport-sized photographs, an entry and also exit form and pay the visa cost in cash. Proceeding that, you will get your passport back with the full visa inside.
When you prefer to acquire a visa on arrival, you will need to complete an online application and will be asked for:
• A photograph of your passport
• Suggested date and also time of arrival
• Flight reference
• Aim of travel
• The service charge
• Terminal of arrival
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