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Spouse visa for South African moving to Tunisia

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  • @Lesley I trust that you are well :) I am a South African male, Muslim, and will be marrying a Tunisian woman.We have decided to settle in Tunis.What is the procedure to obtaining a spouse visa for myself in Tunis?

    Would it be easy to find work in Tunis as I am a native English speaker, I do not hold a degree, I have a National Diploma as well as certificates related to teaching, TEFL & SETA Assessor/Trainer...with 5 years teaching experience.

    Also I would assume that the marriage procedure for us would be a bit different as we should marry at the South African embassy in Tunis,as per what I was told.

    You reply is much appreciated.
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    You DO NOT marry at the South Africam embassy in Tunis
    Tunisian wedding are conducted at the beledyia marriage office in the town where your fiance lives
    The wedding is a civil ceremony which is legally recognised in all countries.UK USA Europe Australia etc
    You will need your birth certificate issiued 21 days before your wedding
    Your documents must be translated into French or Arabic
    If your divorced or a widower you will need the divorce or death certificate
    You will require a certificate from the Imam in South Africa confirming you are a muslim.
    You will need blood tests for you and your fiancee in Tunisia before you marry.

    South Africans do not need a visa to enter Tunisia. One your married you apply for a resi dence permit a Carte de Sejour.

    There is high unemployment in Tunisia but @ Lesley can advise you on this
  • @Nabzoo, @Alethia is correct when she advises that as a Sth African passport holder you can have your visa on arrival into Tunis. Once you arrive your fiance should register you with the local police station and apply immediately for your carte de sejour. This can take as little as a week or up to 4 weeks so the earlier you start the quicker you will have it. It will initially be given to you for 3 months and then you renew and every 2 years renew again. Marriage to a Tunisian provides you with the ability to become a citizen within 12 months of being here (although it doesn't provide you with many benefits).

    As @Alethia advises there is no facility for any embassy to provide marriage! Here a marriage is a contract between the two parties. It is not religious and you both agree on the terms of the contract. You should discuss this with your fiance prior to the day!! You can marry either at the municipality or in a 'salle de fete' or in the family home by arranging for a notaire to attend prior to the party. Most of us here sign the contract maybe a couple of days before the party. Many girls here still like the 3/4 day marriage, a party for the girl and a separate one for the boy, the henna night for the ladies, the signing of the contract and then a simple or more often than not an extravagant party.

    My own marriage was the simplest you could have - notaire came to the family home, contract signed, and then a small party in the house. But that was our preference.

    As for a job, well as you now know we have very high unemployment rates for the foreseeable future. As you have a TEFL then you can legally teach, but the schools here will normally ask for 'American' or British English. I doubt that any schools here will take you. You might like to consider teaching as a private tutor. If you take a group of older students who perhaps are studying the bacc, then you can have a decent income and your students will be able to communicate with you, unless of course you have any French or Arabic.

    So I wish you mabrouk and will be happy to answer all your questions.
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