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Has anyone tried to appeal an Italy study visa before?

So I have been told by several people that my Italy study visa will be rejected due to my low GPA (2.49) and because I did freelancing to cover my 8 month study gap (not related to what I did in my bachelors which is electrical engineering). I am applying from Pakistan and frankly I have lost all hope at this point. I was selected for MS in Bologna and I have an IELTS of 8 and I even had unibo action 2 (11,000 eur in scholarship). Yet, I am not so optimistic because of my GPA. So, now I want to know the appeal process.

If anyone has ever tried to appeal a denied Italy study visa before can they walk me through the process. I know that I am supposed to hire an Italian lawyer. Which Italian lawyer do I hire and what is the fee for the appeal normally and do appeals normally work? I need some answers regarding this because right now I feel hopeless and I am not so optimistic about getting a study visa.


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