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procedures for a UK spouse visa from Algeria

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Hello everyone. I'm an Algerian girl married to a British national. We're applying for spouse visa this September and I want to know if anyone here has applied for one from Algeria. I want to know some details like how to pay and whether to pay in dinars or pounds and if my husband can apply for the UK or do something there.Also how long does it take and what are the documents needed (i have some info but any more details are helpful really) thank you :)


  • @nazilicious
    All UK visa applications are made on line. Payment for the visa is made on line using your husbands UK debit or credit card. The appointment at the visa centre is made at the same time.
    The IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge) is also made on line using a UK debit or credit card.
    Your husband needs to be earning over £18600 per annum and the documents need to comply with the mandatory rules specified in FM-SE.

    Applications are found at

    Once the online application is complete and paid for your documents which must be originals and where neccesary translated into English will be sent by your husband to the Home Office in Sheffield.
    You will attend the appointment at the visa centre in Algiers (TLS Contact)
    All information is on thier website.

    Settlement applications can take up to 120 days to process. Most are processed by 90 days.

    These types of applications are very complicated and I hope your husband takes legal advice when preparing the application because if he does not follow the FM-SE rules your visa will be refused.
  • Dear Alethia,
    Many thsnks indeed for your swift response to my enquiry and very clear answer. He earns more than 18.600 per year and our marriage is a genuine one. Hopefully we will get this out of the way with professional help as you pointed out too. Do you know anything about the priority settlement application at Algiers TLS? As on their website they state thst priority applications are responded in 15 days.

    Many thsnks again and have a lovely day
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    Instead of waiting 3 months for a reply to your visa application you can pay extra money approximately £550 and the visa application will be processed in 15 days.
  • @Alethia You said that my husband will do everything online, what about the documents, does he have to take them himself to home office in Sheffield or TLS will send them? If he has to do that by himself what shall I provide as documents for TLS? Will they have an interview with me or something?
  • @nazilicious
    Your husband has to post the documents to the Home Office.
    There is no interview at TLS they take your biometrics ( finger prints etc)
    If you read the TLS website it tells you what to take.
    This is why I am tellng you to get an immigration lawyer in the UK to help your husband.The documents must be exactly those requested by law in Appendix FM -SE.
    This is a very complicated application and very expensive. If you dont follow the rules exactly you will be refused.
  • Thank you again @Alethia for your useful tips. :)
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