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About Eu tourist viza,

Hello, i live in uae and i am a resident in uae for almost 4 years and naitonal of pakistan before i had student viza now i have partner viza i am an owner of my company ,and i have never applied for eu viza, i would like to know which country should i apply? Is ther anyone who applied from uae? And i would like to know details,


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    An EU visa is known as a Schengen visa as one visa allows you to visit other countries in the Schengen zone.
    You apply to the country where you will spend the longest amount of time.

    Example 1. If you had a two week holiday you could stay 7 days in France 4 days in Belgium and 3 Holland. You would apply to France for the Schengen visa

    Example 2 If you wanted to spend ten days in Italy and only Italy you would apply to the Italian Embassy.

    Example 3. If you went on a cruise in the Mediterranean calling at EU ports, you would apply to the country where the cruise starts from.

    Thousands of people apply from the UAE for a Schengen visa - it is not unusual.
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    I just wanted someone with experience who got the visa. So I could learn how he did the documentation to prevent any mistakes from my side.
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