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Help please. British woman to marry Algerian in Tunisia.

Hi, my question is this if anyone can help or advise us please. Me and my Algerian have been together 3 years now, we got married Islamicly on 28th July this year in Algeria.
However we are looking to marry in Tunisia the civil way in November we have a notary there all set up and I know about my CNI and birth certificate and translation. What I'd like to know is how long does my CNI and birth certificate last for like is the valid for 30days from the date they issue it or from the date I get the FCO stamp. I'm a little confused.


  • @izzat
    Your birth certificate must not be issued more than 21 days before the wedding.
    The CONI is valid normally for 6 months and does not need an apostille from the FCO .

    However you face another problem Algerians under the age of 35 are now refused entry into Tunisia because of major security issues and high unemployment in Tunisia.
    Your boyfriend needs to find out if he will be allowed to enter Tunisia.
    I dont understand why you cant have a civil marriage in Algeria.
  • what do u mean by CONI please?
  • @OmarElmokhta
    CONI means Certificate of No Impediment.
    This is s document issued by a British register office in the UK that confirms a British citizen is free to marry.
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