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Schengen visa refused, German Embassy in Egypt

edited August 2017 in Visa and Passport
This is supposed to be the first time I travel, I was pretty much excited and confident in my Application, I have zero intention to overstay or break any laws.

I applied for a Schengen visa on 14th of August at TLScontact center in cairo, Planning to attend a conference in Freiburg, Germany on the 11th-12th September 2017 on Web Design. Flight is on 9th of September.

I got my refusal letter today 20th of August.

My Application documents were all in order and Complete: (Egyptian, 28 years)

Round trip flight booked and fully paid for.

Hotel reservation confirmed and non-refundable.

Conference Ticket, invoice and confirmation letter from SmashingConf.

Train (DB) reservation to and from Amsterdam after the conference paid for.

Hostel Reservation in Amsterdam and Hamburg, Berlin after amsterdam confirmed.

College certificate (3rd year civil engineering) one year left to finish college.

Trip Itinerary with scheduled dates and a brief introduction on the purpose of travel.

Two bank statements one in EGP and the other in USD

Relatively big stocks portfolio (parent's) with an original special power of attorney that I can sell, purchase and exchange coupons.

Reason in refusal letter:

9. Your intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa applied for could not be ascertained.

a) Application doesn't provide documents to prove Financial and economical ties

aa) Insufficient documents to prove financial ties to Egypt

ac) Insufficient Data to prove family and social ties to Egypt

Should I appeal? What kind of documents could support my appeal? I work part-time (consultation agreement) as an Web Designer as I'm still studying Civil Engineering (have been in college for 10 years) but I suffer from ADHD and have struggled to finally reach the Last Year which starts in a month.

I don't know why my college enrollment certification was not enough for them?

I only have 19 days before my flight, What should I do? Appeal or re-apply? or do both? or give up?

Please if anyone has any experience let me know, I would really appreciate any advice.

Thank you very much!

@Alethia please give me some input if you had time.


  • I hope @Alethia has some insight, but that "proving ties to home" can be a real bastard to get in writing for young single guys, no matter how honest their intent. Your time frame is obviously horrible too, trying to get a face-to-face interview to beg your case is going to be extremely difficult. Yet another example of always getting Visas approved before spending money and making solid plans.

    Kudos to you for such a well written and comprehensive post though, your command of English is excellent.

    Good luck. I hope Alethia can offer something positive...

  • @amonhatop
    Your post was well written which enabled me to see straight away the problem.
    Its quite simple. Your a 28 year old single male with no confirmed source of income because your a student. The financial documents belong to your parents and do not tie you to Egypt.

    Enrollment in college is not enough, you should have supplied letters from college to confirm your attendance.

    You can appeal but I doubt iit will be dealt with in 19 days. You only applied one month before you were due to travel which is not enough time in case of refusal.
    I doubt you will be granted a visa until you are working , have an identifiable income and ties to Egypt
  • That's a bummer, but (unfortunately) makes sense from the viewpoint of a Schengen official.

    It's not a fair world amonhatop, no matter how honest you may be personally.

    All the best to you.

  • edited August 2017
    Thank you very much for your reply. Looking at it from your perspective, and from the Schengen official perspective I got where the refusal is coming from.

    Do you think if I had provided these two document:

    1. Letter from the company I work with stating my role, my hourly rate ($25/hour) and when I started working with them (3 Years ago)? I contacted them and they said they were happy to sign and stamp it if I sent them the document form I would like.

    2. Transcript from college

    Would this make my case?
  • @amonhatop
    Your employers letter must also confirm that you are still employed by them .Why did you not send this letter in the first place?
    Does your salary go into your bank account?
    As well as the transcript you will need a letter from the college confirming your a student and the date your required to return to college.
    You may stand a better chance with this information
  • Dear Alethia,

    I thought school certificate is enough as I work on a consultation agreement and not a full time job.

    The salary does go into my bank account in USD but not on a regular basis

    I will try to get that information from college tomorrow morning as well.

    Can I share with you in a private message the content of my work certificate before they sign it and you let me know your opintion?

    Thank you very much for your time you dedicate around this forums!
  • @amonhatop
    Consultancy is still work and it ties with your employers letter.
    I dont give personal details as that would be a legal opinion and this is a simple travel/advice forum
    Good luck
  • I meant on a private message on this forums not on your personal contact, sorry for the misunderstanding.

    I will just paste it here:



    This letter is to certify that Mr. XX is working with us as a Web and Mobile Application Designer on a Consultation Agreement basis since March, 2012 to this date. His full compensation is $ZZ per hour invoiced on a monthly basis with a maximum of $ZZZZ per month.

    The company acknowledges that Mr. XX is a student at the Faculty of Engineering, XX University, expected graduation in 2018, and we are desirous of offering him a full time position as a UI/UX Designer.

    Mr. XX has expressed his interest in attending the “Conference Name” web design conference and workshops in Germany on September 11th-12th, 2017. The company offers no reimbursement for his participation and he is traveling on his own expenses.

    Our company has no objection regarding Mr. XX's trip to the Schengen area for 12 days from September 9, 2017 to September 20, 2017, resuming his services on September 21, 2017.

    If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact NAME at PHONE or EMAIL.

    This letter is issued as per Mr. XX’s request and the company denies any liability from the reliance on its content.

  • @amonhatop
    Excellent letter
  • One last question, I'm really sorry for bugging you.

    Should I appeal with a cover letter and these documents or submit a new application?

    Noting that the new application will be missing a required document (The Movement Certificate) as it would take at least 12 days to acquire. Which I submitted with my first application stating that I haven't moved anywhere in the past 7 years. Would they accept that?

    Thank you!
  • @amonhatop
    You need to make a fresh application. Were your original documents not returned to you? Why cant you use the same movement certificate.
    I have never heard that a movement certificate is a required document.
  • edited August 2017
    I have researched the movement certificate since your last post.
    I would point out in your covet letter that you sumitted the movement certificate on whatever date and none of your original documents were returned
  • Thank you @Alethia !

    All the best!
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