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VOA - How to apply Visa for Vietnam Online?

Tourists purposes: The most popular visa to Vietnam at present is a tourist visa. Tourists can make use of it at the Vietnam Embassy or take advantage of Visa On Arrival through a travel agent. A vacationer visa is usually appropriate for 15 to 30 days, and it can be expanded when you arrive in Vietnam. Vietnam authorities permit visitors to utilize for a visa for vacation needs with the legitimacy starting 3 to 6 months, and the processes are equivalent with the 1-month visas.

Business purposes: Visa On Arrival is furthermore applied for Vietnam business visas. Like the tourist visa, the business visa has 3 to 6 months of credibility on the acceptance letter. If travelers choose to request a business visa at the Vietnamese Embassy, they need to obtain the Entry Clearance of their business associate in Vietnam to prove their purpose of Vietnam visit. However, a Visa On Arrival for business men would certainly not need this type of document.

Apply at the Embassy or Consulates of Vietnam

The requirements and processes for a tourist or business visa might vary starting embassy to embassy, but most of them definitely will need following essential documents:

Origin passport: Vacationers require to obtain an original passport that has the legitimacy of at least six months from the date of travel.

Application form: Applicants can get it by downloading at the official website of embassies or acquiring it directly at their offices. The visa application form come with got to be finished with full of applicants’ information, signature and attached with a passport photo.

Letter of clearance: The Vietnamese associate will certainly support travelers pick up this document. Visitors have to submit their business associate in Vietnam passport details, date of entry, type of visa, and the name of the Vietnam embassy or consulate they want to acquire the visa. The process time of issuing this document is five days.

Visa cost: Vietnam visa fee undoubtedly will differ at each embassy. Tourists should get in touch with the embassy to check out it.

After filling in the application, visitors need to submit it d irectly to the embassy or consulate or send it by post or mailing. The processing time will take 5 to 7 days.

Stages of applying for a tourist visa online

The visa online application process only comes along with four easy procedures.

Applying for a Vietnam visa: Only will take minutes to accomplish the online application.

Confirm and Pay: Confirm the application and pay the service fee.

Get visa affirmation letter: The agent you hire definitely will send your visa endorsement document released starting the Immigration Department via your email starting 2 to 3 working days (regular service) and only 8 hours (urgent service).

Get visa stamp: Print the visa affirmation document, prepare two photos and provide all of them together with your passport at arrival airport to get your Vietnamese visa stamp.

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