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Getting a Cuba Tourist Card: for a Taiwanese Citizen

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  • Hi Terry,

    I'm from Taiwan and I'd like to visit Cuba in late Sep, and I'm now struggling where to get the travel card. Basically I'm thinking of going to Madrid first then fly to Cuba, but I'm not sure if I can purchase the card from the embassy of Cuba in Madrid, also I've heard European airlines (IB and UX) don't even sell travel cards at the counter; Another option is flyling via San Salvador by Taca air, but still I'm not sure if they offer travel cards at check in counter. I've wrote to above airlines asking about the info but none of them replied. It would be super lovely if you could give me some advice!

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    Unlike the rest of the world most of the European airlines suck at handling the Cuban Tourist Card/Visa. Neither Iberia nor Air Europa are of any help, use a 3rd Party vendor like this company or these guys.

    No problems purchasing the Tourist Card/Visa from Taca though.

    Have fun.

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