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US Visa refusal for third time ?

edited August 2017 in - USA


i would like to seek your help since i was trapped into this issue from 2015. firstly, let me explain my situation. i was born and raised in Qatar and working here and my financial status is in very good condition.

i have applied to US visa in the first time with my wife after our marriage in 2014 however, unfortunately i was refused for unclear reason, knowing that we were planning to go for tourism.

a year after (2015) i have applied again alone but also i was refused :(

from 2015 and 2017 i have traveled a lot to Europe, GCC, Turkey without any fail. now i am planning again to apply for the US visa with my wife and daughter. what should i do ? my situation will be weak because of my twice refusal ?

as i said earlier, i was born in Qatar me, my wife and daughter. and i have never thought to leave or immigrate to some other country.

please help me in giving some advises. looking forward to hearing from you soon.

thank you


  • @ahmedmurtaja
    You were born in Qatar but you are not Qatari
    I am assuming if your not Qatari you are Palestinian
  • edited August 2017
    Yes i am palestinian, but thats not reason for refusal. Alot of residents get theor visas from the country they just live in. So from your point of view, advise me please and explain some tips that may help for my next application. Have you ever been faced a situation like me getting his/her visa from the third time ?
  • @ahmedmurtaja
    The USA give clear reasons for refusal so I dont understand why you dont know the reason for refusal.
    What passport do you travel on?
    The fact you have been to Europe and Turkey is irrelevant when applying for a US visa.
    It could be you are now on Mr Trumps blacklist and you wont be granted a visa no matter how you try
  • Why would i be blacklisted
  • I havnt even applied during Trump ; my two application were during Obama :wink:
  • @ahmedmurtaja
    I am fully aware who was president in 2014 and 2015.
    I asked what passport you hold as this is very important. You have not answered.
    Donald Trump has levied a travel ban on six muslim countries,certain Muslims and refugees.
    If you were refused a visa under the Obama administration is is more than likely you will be refused under the Trump administration.
    Please confirm what passport you travel on
  • I am holding a palestinian passport and its not under the nomanated six banned countries!!
  • edited August 2017
    If you read the news you will see its not only people from the six countries who have been refused entry to the USA but even British muslims.

    It appears that you feel you have an entitlement to a US visa, you do not.
    I am simply telling you the facts.As you have been refused a visa twice I doubt you will be granted a visa under the present administration.
    When you have been refused a US visa your information is placed on a centralised system.
    When you reapply the immigration officer reads the notes on the past refusal. The immigration officer must justify why he is granting a visa after previous refusals. This is then reviewed by the senior officer who can reject the decision.

    I dont have any tips for you
  • edited August 2017

    thanks for your reply. no i don't have any feeling for entitlement to a US visa. it was a question came to mind and wanted your consultation on visas issues as you are expert on this field and have helped me before.

    i have read your previous comments. as i understood i should convince the consular based on the last rejection.

    i appreciate your efforts on this bulletin.

    thank you again !!

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