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Is IRAN safe to visit?

Here’s what you need to know

Hello Iran

Have you ever asked yourself that Iran is safe to visit? This guide has been arranged based on the opinions of those who traveled to Iran. This is a completed guide to ensure that Iran is safe and you‘ll have a safe and memorable trip to Iran. Iran is a normal Country like any other. Travel to Iran is seen intimidating but really there’s nothing to worry about. If you gain enough information from authentic sources, you‘ll understand you can travel to Iran without any concern. Don’t care about some headlines on the News and social Medias. These headings are very different to what travelers experience in Iran. It’s not justly to generalize untruly behaviors to all of people.

I‘ve asked fellow travelers and tell you my opinion about safety in Iran. Iran is a large Country with varying ecosystems. The real culture of Iran is the Persian culture and most of people are liberal. You have to just be respectful about local culture. They are always ready to help. They are not terrible and mindless religious radical people. You just need leave the fear behind and take a trip to Iran. Polish survivors of Soviet labor camps found long-sought silence in Persian hospitality. The world is much smaller than we may think. Although the people around the world have their own special beliefs but they have also preconceptions in common. Since Iran has so many beauties including local culture, teahouses, traditional music, unique architecture, and overwhelming nature, so it is worthy to experience. You can acquaint with attractions of Iran and the tour supporting travelers through the following link; .Life style of Iranian can change the way you may be looked at Iranian. Extremely friendly behavior of welcoming locals in the villages indicates that Iranian is originally much hospitalized and are greeted warmly everywhere. When you communicate to them, they invite you to their homes causing you feel that it is your own home and you are not a guest. They are so pleased that you don’t require being afraid of visiting Iran. Besides, you face to knowledgeable and fluent English speaking guides during your journey. Take a look at Iran tour and their services by the link; . So you can enjoy visiting Iran. But as you know, every Country has its own rules which must be obeyed by every person. Iran is one of those nations that are more restricted than western governments. You just need careful about a series of things that mentioned in the following.

One of things you should be careful about it is Hijab; if you are a woman, you just need have a scarf, at least a long blouse and a pants with yourself.
Every country has crime. Violent crime against foreigners is extremely rare in Iran.
If you want to take photos, it is a good idea to ask permission.
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