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What do I need in order to marry US/Iranian boyfriend in Turkey?

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  • Hello @Alethia ,
    I'm Parichehr from iran. Me and my iranian boyfriend(who's also have US citizenship) want to get married in turkey. My question is do i need my father's permission letter over there? Or what documents do i, need exactly?
    Thanks for your help
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    If your are over the age of 18 you do not need your fathers permission to marry.

    Weddings in Turkey are not religious they are civil weddings recognised as legal throughout the world.

    Documents you need are as follows:

    1. The narriage petition ( Evlenme Beyannamesi) you obtain form this from the beladiya marriage office.The marriage office will also tell you which clinic to go to for your blood tests which are required for marriage in Turkey
    2. Passport
    3.Birth certificate
    4. If married before the death or divorce certificate
    5. Certificate of Eligibility to marry ( Evlenme Ehliyat Belgesi) This shows your single and free to marry
    This you obtain from the Iranian Embassy who can be unhelpful and will ask lots of questions about your fiance. They are unhelpful to everyone not just women If you could get this document from Iran it will save you a lot of time.
    All these documents must be translated into Turkish.

    Your Anerican fiancee needs to go to this website
    He must follow this procedure to marry in Turkey.
    You need to allow plenty of time as collecting the documents from embassies etc takes a few days.
    I hope this helps you.
  • @Alethia
    Thanks for your help Alethia. I want to know if you experience this before? I mean an iranian couple marry in turkey without their parents
    Can you tell me more about the process details
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    Thousands of people marry in Turkey without their parents. You do not need parents present at a wedding to marry in Turkey if your over 18. Turkey is not governed by religious law it is a secular country unlike Iran, religious weddings are illegal in Turkey.

    Also for the purpose of this wedding it is easier if your partner uses his US passport as he will find it easier to obtain the affidavit of eligibility to marry.

    You must go the the marriage office in the area that you will be staying. They will give you the marriage petition and a wedding date.
    They will also tell you which clinic/hospital to go to for your blood tests

    If neither of you speaks Turkish you will require a translator as all your documents must be translated into Turkish. You will also need the translator for the wedding ceremony which is in Turkish.

    If you do not know some one who can translate for you the services of a translator can be found at the office of a Notary who can also translate your documents.

    Once your documents are translated your Certificate of eligibility obtained you must go to the governors office where an apostille is attached. This is usually free of charge.
    After this you take all the documents and photos to the marriage office and then you can marry.

    Good luck
  • Thanks for your help @Alethia
  • Hello again @Alethia
    some iranian guy in turkey told me that i should get Certificate of Eligibility to marry from Iran embassy in Istanbul which needs father's permission letter for not married girls!
    It's an iranian law for giving this certificate to iranian not married girls. Is that right??
  • And they don't want father's permission to give me this certificate in iran. But someone told me that the Turkish government do not accept it and i should probably get it from Iran embassy in Istanbul!
    Is that right?
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    If you read my answer to your original post. I told you to go to tbe Iranian embassy for the certificate or from Iran whichever is easier for you. It makes no difference. Stop listening to people who do not have the correct facts.

    The certificate of eligibility must be translated to Turkish.
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    My boyfriend and I are in a similar situation

    i have canadian and iranian citizemship. living in canada
    my boyfriend has iranian citizeship living in iran

    we called the iranian embassy in turkey (and also in thailand cause we were considering that country too). as soon as we explained the situation. they said i am considered as an iranian national. and since its my first time getting married, they will need a letter from my father giving his blessing to this marriage. otherwise they will not give the certificate of eligibility to marry to my boyfriend. both embassies said fo my boyfriend to get the certificate of eligibility to marry...they will need my father's consent and they would my father to write a letter. without this they would not give the certificate of eligibility. i don't know if their regulations have changed or not...or if they are just saying this to cause problems or if they are lying.
  • @olivesaregood
    You are not marrying in Iran or in the Iranian embassy you are marrying in Turkey under Turkish civil law.
    You will enter Turkey lefally as a Canadian and obtain your affidavit that you are free to marry from Canada or the Canadian Embassy and marry as a Canadian citizen. You DO NOT need to tell the Iranian embassy you have dual nationality or tell the Iranian embassy anything.

    When your fiance applies for his certificare of eligiability he states he is marrying a Canadian citizen. There is no need to complicate matters by telling the Iranians you are a dual national. You will only make things difficult for yourself.
  • can't they ask for the name of the person he is going to marry?
  • @olivesaregood
    The Iranians will ask your fiance for your name.
    There are thousands maybe millions of people with Iranian names who are not Iranian citizens. I repeat you do not have to tell the Iranian embassy you have dual nationality.
    On this forum Iranians have married non Iranian citizens in Turkey quite successfully.
    You are not the first person who has asked this question or married in Turkey
  • do they require my original Iranian birth certififcate?
    i took a picture of a copy of my birth certificate translated into english that contains an stamp of the official translation.
  • @olivesaregood
    The Turkish marriage office will need your original birth certificate not a photo and it must be translated to Turkish .
    Your passport must be translated abd your certificate of eligibility.
    The same applies to your fiances documents
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