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Can my ex husband take my USA citizen daughter from me if I go live in Tunisia with new husband?

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I came to Tunisia and married a men and got pregnant in two weeks i then left Tunisia and went back to my country to USA where my daughter was born, right after her birth he we separated and he divorced me without my knowledge and married again in Tunisia and now has a son with this woman, I met another men who lives in Tunisia and I would like to marry him but I was wondering if my ex husband is able to take custody of my daughter, she has never met her real father or have I received any child support from him, he has only seen pictures of her or known of her via internet. My daughter is now 4 years old but if I marry again in Tunisia with new person and he would be my daughter father can her real father taker her from us? Because if this would be a problem maybe I will bring the new person to USA to live. (My ex husband and I never lived together he stayed in Tunisia because he had no visa I tried to get visa but it was difficult and expensive at the moment)


  • if the law is the same as algeria then i think he could go for custody for her as my husband is living in algeria and we have a 9 week old son and i ask the same question so if he knows that you going there then he could take her and would have to have his permission to leave the country
  • @Maribel79
    The advice [email protected] is correct once your child sets foot in Tunisia she automatically becomes Tunisian and your ex husband can make life difficult and refuse to let her leave Tunisia.
  • @Maribel79 - in fact, your child is already a Tunisian! Whether she lives outside or in Tunisia she is considered a Tunisian citizen as her father is in tunisia. Be careful...............your ex can actually petition the court for his child. You do have the right to take your child out of Tunisia as you are divorced, however, my suggestion is that you get an official letter from a Judge giving this permission. My experience is that normally the father will simply 'kidnap' his child/children and you won't have a leg to stand on...............and you are going to marry another Tunisian?? As we say here - inti marboula!!
  • Thank you for @mariahamza @Alethia @Lesley your answers are very helpful but I was wondering if you knew about how the father can only take custody of girl until age 9 and for boy age 7 I read this info on another forum site but just wondering if anyone knew about this too.
  • @Maribel79 - the info on another forum is rubbish. A boy is considered an adult at the age of 18 (I think) but a girl not until she is 21
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