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Filipino married to Tunisian

This discussion was created from comments split from: British male and an Algerian girl getting married in Tunisia.


  • @Alethia salam, im rohayna if I marry in the philippines with my tunisian boyfriend do I still have to apply for visa? If so how long will the visa be valid?
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    You do need to apply for a visa you will be granted 30 days its up to the Tunisian Embassy how long it takes and if it will be granted.
    However you can apply on line for an Evisa if you show a return ticket a hotel reservation and $50 per day for your stay. Once in Tunisisia you go with your husband to the police and apply for your Carte Sejour (residence permit)
  • okay , thanks @Alethia
  • Salam ihave a daughter and ill marry tunisian man and he will accept me and my daughter mean how can we live in tunisia
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    @Alethia I would like to know if I can bring my daughter with me in tunisia and will it be a different visa for the two of us? and how does it work?
  • @jhie
    You apply for two visas whether its direct to the embassy or the on line e visa.
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