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GERMANY National Visa

I have applied for a national visa for the purpose of employment and language course in germany, i have submitted my employment contract as well as language course training and also my rental contracf for my accomodation. My application is still on process and quiet anxious if visa will be granted. I have also submitted other necessary documents as well as an invitation letter from the employer. Also i have 3 children all minors who are currently living in my home country would my children be considered as my ties in the country? Can someone tell me how long will it take for german national visa processing time and approval rate


  • @joiey24
    You have posted the same queztion 3 times this is not neccesary.
    Children are not ties to a country there are other factors to be considerd and it is up to the embassy how long they take to process a visa.
  • @Alethia thanks for the response. My apology this is my first time joining here and asked question. I don't know how my question will reach you. Thanks again
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