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Australian (Sydney) Tourist Visa to travel from India


I have couple of questions.

I am planing to apply for Australian (Sydney) Tourist Visa. Could you please guide how to do it and what are the documents which i should prepare before applying for visa.

I would like to book 3 cheap light tickets (2 Adult 1 Infant) to travel from Bengaluru (BLR) to Sydney. All of us have passport.

Departure Date : November 3 2017
Return Date : November 9 2017

I think Malaysia Airline is cheaper.

I would like to know the cancellation / refund policy in Malaysia Airline, If I want to cancel the ticket based on the status of visa processing.

How much percentage of ticket price get refund on cancellation.

Is there any way to reserve flight ticket with less amount and pay full amount later ?

How to get Flight Itinerary and Confirmed Flight Reservation ? Is it possible to pay for the Flight Reservation and Flight Ticket after I get awarded with a visa ?

How do arrange accommodation Sydney, Is there any web site which i can use to book cheap hotel ?



  • @quickconvey
    Please go the Australian immigration website
    There you will find your answers
    You need to speak to Malaysian airlines regatding their refund policies.
    DO NOT purchase your airticket or book hotels until your visa is granted.
    A travel agent can give a sample itinerary
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    Are you saying that, Travel agent will give sample itinerary with sample flight tickets ?
    I think, To get Visa we need to show sample itinerary with flight tickets.
  • @quickconvey
    The Australian immigration service do not expect you to buy tickets and book hotels prior to you visa application.
    You can supply a sample intinerary of your intended visit.
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    I am from India and planing to apply for Tourist Visa.

    As per link below,
    What i understand is, If we intend to stay in Australia for less than six months, then we don't have to complete health examinations.

    Please confirm this if somebody know this.

    I am Following check list below. - 600 Tourist Stream - ND Post version - May 17.pdf

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    1.) Everything you need to know about Visas is here.

    2.) Malaysia Airline are a crap airline with very fizzy policies regarding refunds. Get the info for your particular class of ticket direct from your Travel Agent. In any case as Alethia pointed out you do not need to purchase the tickets before the Visa is granted.

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    I have one more doubt in "Character documents" (character requirement).
    That has explained here

    Do you have any idea about how to create/get these documents ? .

    Should I get it created or signed by Police ?

    There i can see two forms

    Character Statutory Declaration (34KB PDF file)


  • @quickconvey
    You DO NOT need either of these forms for a tourist visa.
    Go to:

    VFS Global are the bona fide agent for the Australian immigration department and many other countries in India.
    Their website has all the information you need and you can telephone or email VFS Global for more information.
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    Hi Alethia,

    I have sent an email to VSF Global "[email protected]" and waiting for the reply.

    I have seen an option to apply online, is it faster than VFS, What is the difference ?

    To apply online, First we have to create "ImmiAccount" (
    * Then create a Group and create applications for each members,
    * Then Upload documents
    * Then Pay the Application Fee and Submit

    I have created that "ImmiAccount" and filled one application.

    I have doubt in filling couple of form fields, I have answered those fields like below, Is it enough ?

    What funds will the applicant have available to support their stay in Australia?

    I will be using personal savings to support my stay while in Australia. I have INR:200000 in my and spouse account for this purpose.


    Give details of any significant dates on which the applicant needs to be in Australia

    Arrival date : November 4 2017
    Departure date : November 9 2017

  • @quickconvey
    You will still need to go to VFS to do your biometrics.
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    One more doubt. I am planing to visit Sydney, Australia with my wife and son. I am planing to apply for business visa for me (because I will be attending one conference/Summit in this visit). My company will give letter to apply for business VISA for me.

    In this case how my wife and son apply for VISA.
    They can apply for only visitor/tourist visa, right ?.

    My question is:

    How we apply for these 3 VISAs as a group ( 1 business VISA and 2 tourist VISA).

    Should we apply for 3 tourist VISA in this case ??

    What is the good way to handle this situation ?

  • @quickconvey
    You do not need a business visa to attend a conference in Australia You should simply apply for a tourist visa with your wife and son instead of making the visa application ridiculously difficult.
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    We are planing to apply for 3 Australian tourist (family) VISA on 16-10-2017.
    We are planing to travel on 3-11-2017. Only 18 days left.
    We can travel only if we get VISA with in 17 days.

    Do you think, I will get it in 17 days ?

    We are applying through a travel agency (Not VFS). That agent (FCM Travel Solutions) saying that we get VISA in 10 days if we pay extra 4 thousand. They are saying that they have some contact. I think that is not possible, what you think ?

    Actual visa fee is, 7100 (Application charge) + 1200 (VFS service charge).
    Agent is asking additional 4 thousand to get it processed with in 10 days.

    This agent also need to go to VFS to submit the VISA application, right?
    Agent cant submit this application directly to immigration department , right ?
  • @quickconvey
    ALL applications must go through VFS Global. You can contact VFS who will confirm this.
    VFS Global is an outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. The company manages visa and passport issuance-related administrative and non-discretionary tasks for its client governments.
    In other words VFS Global and only VFS Global are the designated company managing visas for the Australian government.

    FCM Travel are NOT able to send documents directly to the Australian immigration department, nor will they have a "contact" do not pay them any extra money.

    You do not need an agent you can deal directly with VFS Global

    VFS Global do offer a premium service read here.

    You have left yourselves very little time to apply for this visa.

  • I have to take "Premium Lounge Service" to Faster submission of applications at the visa application centres. right ?

    This will only help me to send application quickly to VFS, right ?

    Does VFS send application quickly to The Embassy of Australia, IF I take "Premium Lounge Service" ??

    I have tried to contact VFS, but Saturday and Sunday are holiday for them.

  • @quickconvey
    Usually the premium service offers a quick "turn around" of the visa decision.
    VFS quickly submits the application to the Australian High Commission. VFS do not make decisions on visas.
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    I have a question.
    How tourist get medical support in visiting country if needed.
    Suppose we faced some health issue (cold, flue or food poison) when we are in Australia.
    Can we go to some hospital in Australia ?
    What Precautions Should I Take ?
    We are planing to travel with an infant, that is the reason.
    Should I take some medical insurance ?
    Please share a site which explains all these things.
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    You should never travel anywhere abroad without travel insurance. Please buy travel insurance for your trip that includes not only medical care but loss of bags, flight cancellation and repatriation if your too ill to travel home.
    You dont say how old your child is so you should check with your doctor as to what vaccines he/she needs. I presume that your child has had the polio vaccine what about MMR etc.
    Flu injections are a good idea.BEFORE YOU GO.
    Australia has a first class medical system known as Medicare.
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