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Visa refusal Spain

Please advise. Me and my husband have been rejected visa from spain embassy citing " your intention to leave the territory of Spain could not be ascertained" we have travel date on 01 st oct .we are spending 5 days in France and 5 days in Spain. Our first entry being in Spain, we applied visa from there. All bookings are nonrefundable. Could you pls advise if we should appeal? Or should reapply in Spain embassy ? We had submitted all documents. Should we change itinerary to spend more days on France and apply visa through France embassy. Pls advise


  • @madhuyadav0206
    Its too late to appeal.
    You need to reapply showing very strong ties to your country of residence.
    If you submit documents to the French Embassy they will know you have been refused.
    Strong ties to your home country is very important when submitting visa applications
  • Thanks @Alethia for your comments. We had changed our itinerary very little as advised by travel agent and applied again through French embassy on 18th sep. We got refused again on 19th Sep citing "information provided regarding the purpose and conditions of stay was not reliable" please note that this time the bookings were refundable. We had shown ties with the country by presenting letter of employment, property papers and registration certificate of the company owned by my husband. We are thinking now to appeal in Spain embassy with additional documents proving our ties. But we know it's too late and our trip will be ruined. We are thinking again to reApply from French embassy tomorrow showing the original non refundable itinerary and also providing places which we would visit. We don't think that we have any new additonal document to apply now. Will that serve the purpose or is of no use. Please note every booking of ours is non refundable and we would suffer huge loss if we are denied bloods again. Please advise!
  • @madhuyadav0206
    We advise people on here not to pay for tickets or accomodation until thge visa is granted.
    Obviously the French did not believe the information you provided regarding your flghts and accomodation.
    You have to do what you think is best.
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