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Schengen visa refusal

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Hi All

I am a doctor working in a reputed Multinational company in Switzerland and hold a B work permit from past three months. I had recently applied a visitor visa for my mother with all documents required as per the application. But the visa was rejected stating that "your intention to leave the territory of member state before the expiry of visa is uncertain"
I reapplied for my mother carefully looking at all required documents and once again received same reply with refusal letter. I do not know what can be the possible reasons.
Can anyone suggest me what could be done next?


  • edited September 2017
    Impossible for anyone to guess when you give zero clue what documents you submitted. You don't even mention the single most important piece of information regarding Visa questions: Your nationality.

    In any case it's quite obvious that the authorities believe your mother might be coming to live with you, instead of returning home before the Visa would expire. It's up to you to convince them otherwise.

    Good luck.

  • @raj13
    You need to prove your mother has very strong ties to her home country. If you cant do ths the there is no point in reapplying as the visa will be refused.
  • Dear both manybthanks for the reply. I am from India and have stayed for three months now. And your guidance is right that I didn't give more information on her strong ties at home and showed her good financial status.

    I heard that it is crucial for me also to show my bank statements and salary slips as well. Is this true?

    Regarding my mother ties at home and financial status should I provide bank statements, her pension, the rent she receives and some property papers?

    And to apply next time should I ask for 90 days visa or shorter duration?

    Kindly let me know as this will help me a lot

    Kind regards
  • @raj13
    It is very important to show your bank statements and salary slips even a letter from your employer is helpful.
    Definately put in all your mothers documents that you mentioned and evidence of any close family in India. Who does she live with?
    90 days will not be granted on first application one month should be sufficient. You maybe able to extend her visa once she is in Switzerland
    I hope this helps
  • Hi alethia
    I am a tibetan refugee in India. I got visa refusal from germany stating that 'your intention to leave the country of the member state before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained'.
    And also 'your family roots in India could not be proved sufficiently/credibly shown' and 'Your economic rootage (base, resources) in India could not be proved sufficiently/credibly shown'.

    I have submitted my bank statement showing amount of more than 7,000 euro. I worked as trekking guide in a travel company. I have submitted employment certificate, leave certificate and salary slip. Except tax return as I don't have that in my region in Jammu and Kashmir. Also I have declaration of commitment certificate from one of my german friend. He is taking all my expenses. Tibetans have a yellow passport called Identity Certificate equivalent to Indian passport. Does it effect my refusal or not. I have submitted itinerary made by my inviter, health insurance, flight ticket and return visa issued to me by Gov't of India. But I don,t have hotel reservation as I am planning to stay in my inviter home. Do I need hotel reservation?

    So what should I do now. Please give me some advice. Thank you in advancd.
  • @tenzin
    As refugeee you will not be granted a visa for any Schenegen state or any other country.
  • @Alethia
    Thanks for the guidance. I will reapply with all documents and hopefully get a positive response this time
  • Hello Alethia
    I've got a refusal letter for my schengen visa application together with my 2 children for the reason (9) Intention to leave the territory of the member state before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.
    Our application is for Visitors visa. (With Formal Obligation from my "fiance".)
    I was already twice granted of schengen visit visa for past 2 years.
    And now we decided that i will travel with my kids for them to experienced christmas in germany together with the family of my "fiance". Also my "fiance" have an scheduled surgery dated next month,one of the reason why i really need to be with him.

    I am just an ordinary filipino citizen,unfortunately i have not owned any property,stop working due to my "fiance" choice to take care of my children age; 11 and 4 year old.they are not been enrolled this school year because we transfer to other city and it was so late to enroll.
    I have also on going annulment case and its still pending on court.

    My question is..
    What are the things/possibilities i can make to make them believe that I and my children will coming back before our time of stay expired?
    Given and stating our situation.
  • @eiza23
    You cannot have a "fiance" you are still married. The Phillipines is the only country in the world where divorce is not allowed. Annullment processing times in the Phillipines are between 2- 5 years or longer.
    Unfortunately you showed no strong ties to the Philipines to demonstrate that you and your children will return home. Your children were not in school, you showed no rental contract for your home, you dont work just because your friend sends some money ( not real life).
    When you travelled alone your children were one of the ties to the Phillipines, taking your children on holiday you must show stronger ties.
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