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Best fly-fishing in Iceland?

Where is the best place to go for fly-fishing in Iceland?
So far my itinerary includes West Ranga, River Holaa and river Varma. Any other good spots, advice or tips anyone can give me would be appreciated!
Many thanks....


  • edited October 2013 Contact Stjani Ben he will help you explore any piece of water in Iceland he is really good at arranging (obtaining permits etc.) I was there for 20 days during June check out the website
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    Try Fly fishing in iceland.

    Have a look at this brochure
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    experts in fly fishing and deap sea fishing in Icelands westfjords contact the people from ... for fly fishing contact Kristjan - he knows best
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    Here you can find information about fishing in Iceland;
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    Here is the direct link, sorry;
  • There are lot of company's in iceland that can give you advice on where to go fishing but the one that I prefer is - Here you can find info about many rivers and also suggestions for fishing trips to Iceland. Lot of pictures and videos
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  • Does anyone have any thoughts on Varma? My dad is considering a trip there, what's it like?
  • Varma is a great River. The main species are Sea trout, Brown trout and Arctic Char. - I have fished there many times and I have also been guiding anglers in that river. Here you can find few videos from the river, and here is more info about it,

    When is your dad thinking about fishing in Varma River?

  • Thanks for the info. Is there a good time to go? He's looking at April.
  • April is a good time to fish in Varma - the only think you have to bear in mind is that you can get all kind of weather in april.

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