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help please to get visa to croatia

i married with croatian girl and now i don't know what we make .i will go monday to tunis capital make legalisation in ministr and send to my wife ?and then what ?


  • @midovic do not send these documents to your wife you will need them to apply for your visa.
    The nearest Croatian Consulate is in Morocco.
    I suggest you contact the following for advice.

    Croatian Honorary Consulate in Tunis,
    Résidence la Palmeraie de Gammarth B14
    Cité El Khalil
    2076 Gammarth
    TELEPHONE(+216) 20 302 238 / 52
    FAX [email protected]
    [email protected]
  • i was call him he didnt give me some information clear.i must send her to make declaration in her countrie that we married she go to maniciplty ?
  • @midovic
    Is your wife not able to contact Croatian immigration and find out what is the correct procedure. Did you not discuss this before you married?

    You need to make a family reunification application at the Croatian embassy, The nearest Croatian embassy is in Algiers Algeria, or Rabat, Morocco.
    You must have:
    Your passport
    your marriage certificate;
    Copy of your wifes passport and ID card both certified
    Proof of sufficient means that your wife can support you. tgree months bank statements, letter from her employer 3 months pay slips
    Proof of accomodation with your wife in Croatia
    proof of health insurance.
  • no we didnt contact them i only ask here in tunisia what to married and that it .croatian imigrate is exist in croatia
  • @midovic
    Of course Croatia has an immigration system.
    A family reunification visa is what you require. Your wife needs to got to or contact the
    MVEP • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. They will advise her what to do. It is your wifes responsibility tp provide all the documents to enable you to live in Croatia. This is the same with every country the spouse (husband/wife) in the European country must provide evidence that they earn enough money and accomodation to support their spouse. All you provide is your passport ID card police report and marriage certificate.
    I suggest you explain this to your wife and ask her to start helping you to join her in Croatia
  • @midovic - first thing your wife needs to do is get her new certificate de naissance with the marriage noted. Without this she can do nothing.
  • okay thank u very much :blush:
  • my wife call ambssy croatia in maroco and they say to her i must send to them with email paper of weeding with legalisation intunisia andthen if is right i need send the original to maroco.the problm is when my wife she will declaret about our weeding ?all friend who married wity europian girl first step is take paper of weeding and translat in her language and thengo maniciplty ?
  • @midovic
    Your friends are correct it is usual for all documents to be translated into Croatian but I think you will find it difficult in Tunisia to find a Croatian translator.
  • @midovic - in which city do you live?
  • i live in gabes south of the morning for check more she call egain ministr they say to her that what ambassy say is right mean i send original paper of weeding to maroco then when i come for visa they give it to me with legalisation of ambassy then when i come zagreb she take the paper translat and go maniciplty ?can role change maybe now ?
  • @midovic
    Please follow the advice given by Croatian Embassy to your wife.
  • okau thank u very much :)
  • @midovic - Gabes is a big city so you may find a translator. There are a lot of expats working there. Call the municipality and find out.
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