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Visa refusal on sports criterion

We, a well reputed cricket club in sri lanka, applied for schengen sports visa for our 24 members through Switzerland embassy in sri llanka. We got the invitation for playing one day matches from three different countries - belgium, france and spain. But the visa got rejected for the following reasons.
1. You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence, for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence.( note: we attached the bank statement of our sports club with the balance of above 10 million)
2. Your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.

Please suggest what our next step could be. Is it a appeal or a reapply. And what are the documents required to get rid of the above mentioned comments.
Please help us. We value your comments.
Thank you. Waiting for your reply.


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    Firstly I dont understand why you applied through the Swiss Embassy ( they manage Belgian visas) when the Eabassy of France has a visa centre in Colombo.

    There are 24 individuals in your team yet you sent the cricket club statements. Who has the authority to say that the club funds can be used for this trip?
    Did you provide a breakdown of costs ? That is the total costs of airfares,travel to each match, food and accomodation for each member.
    10 million rupees is around 55,000 Euros, this equates to approximately 2291 Euros per person. You have airfares, accomodation, food and travel. A visitor is required to have 50 Euros a day in Belgium and 56 Euros a day in France and Spain after flights and accomodation.

    Are you saying you will use the whole 10 million of the clubs funds to finance this 3 day trip? It does not make sense. This is why you were refused.

    What ties to family and community do your members have to show they will return home. Marriage, jobs what? You need evidence of this. Did the invitation from the organisers state they will ensure your return home?

  • Dear Alethia,
    thank you for your quick response , sorry for late response ,

    we apply vie Switzerland embassy because our number of stay more at Belgium, Belgium embassy not available at sri lanka , Swiss embassy work on behalf of Belgium for short stay visa, long stay visa they have consultant service here in Colombo ,sri lanka. that's why we submit vie Switzerland embassy.

    club president give sponsor letter & cover latter with all schedule details with A to Z ,during the stay and will take care of whole cost of the members . give authority to spend

    we have submit travel itinerary and hotel booking with each stay total cost, local transport contract ,it's indicate the cost of each stay

    as per your mention . it's not cost whole,fund of the club , we got sponsor for this tour .

    we attach all members salary sheet and working confirmation letters from company , end company state the employee will return to work after grant holiday on their company letter .

    the invitation it's not mention like what you printout , but the company letter it's point out , after during this sports trip staff will return to work.

    we submit all , still don't know why it's got refused , is't possible or worth it for reapply? because as per our schedule matches 23/24 September , 30 Sept/ 1st October , 5-9 October ,reapply they request 6 weeks to answer , at the time all event will end,

    regards the documents we submit , i can send all to your mail id , if you can provide or drop the mail to [email protected] for your privacy. i am waiting your valuable comment and replay for our next step . looking your response , thank you
  • @HarrowCricketClub
    If I understand correctly you had no invitation from any one in Europe stating your invited to play to play cricket ?
    Sorry but I do not give my private information.
  • dear Alethia ,
    we have 4 invitation ,belgium 2, france1,spain 1, we have invitation to play with them , 1 tournament invitation as well. how i can send the documents? to show you ? looking your comment
  • Dear alethia ,
    We couldn't get your answer clearly. Because we have four invitations from Europe stating that we are invited to play there.
    Please tell us what could be the possible reasons for the refusal of visa.
    We value your comments. Thank you again
  • @HarrowCricketClub
    Please understand that this is a forum, not a lawyers office. I do not give my personal details to forum members to send me documents, if I did I would I would be inundated with members sending me documents.
    This is not a free legal service but simply my opinions and advice.
    In my first reply I stated:-

    ...."What ties to family and community do your members have to show they will return home. Marriage, jobs what? You need evidence of this. Did the invitation from the organisers state they will ensure your return home?"..........

    This is where you must look for the refusal.

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