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Spain Refusal

edited September 2017 in Visa and Passport
Hi i have applied for spain visa alongwith my family my wife n my four got refused on 21/9/2017 with objection on clause tht
1)information submitted regarding justification for your intended stay is unreliable &
2)your intention to leave the territory of member state before the expiry of visa is ascertained.
I think reason for my refusal is i was travelling as a whole family.
I hve a well established business here given 3 mnths banks statement,now i m going to apply swiss visa n on considering my refusal points i have cancelled my kids trip.
Kindly help
1)can i apply immediately to another embassy?
2)should i attach refusal letter with new application?


  • edited September 2017
    A male travelling alone is more likely to be refused than a family, unless your travelling for bona fide business reasons.
    You failed to provide an itinerary for your holiday and you failed to provide documentary evidence of strong ties to the country where you permantly reside. This is why you were refused so stop penalising your children. How selfish.
    You can apply straight away but the Swiss will be aware of your refusal as Schengen states share all information visa SIS. So dont bother attaching your refusal
    So if you fail to provide a change of circumstances, strong ties to your country of residence and proof of your trip your likely to be refused again.
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