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The Tenerife Plan - cold beer anyone?

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Have you guys been to Tenerife in Canary Islands? Me and and my mates is planning to go there to spend the holidays. I've been reading some article about this island , but i was wondering if there are some good local bars where we can enjoy a nice cold beer. Anyone of you guys been here? Any advice you can give?


  • @Bedwyr

    Tenerife is a major tourist destination for British tourists.

    If you like bars and beer then Tenerife is the place for you.
    Playa de las Américas is the tourists’ nightlife capital of the island, with cabaret bars, karaoke and clubs open every night of the week. “The Patch” is where you will find rows of bars, each providing nightly live music.The infamous Veronicas and Starco are a magnet for clubbers.

    Everywhere in Tenerife you will find cold beers and bars. This island is geared for tourists on package hoilidays. It would be the perfect choice for a holiday for a group of mates.

    I have been to Tenerife more than once.
  • yes, sounds like just the place for you. You'll find lovely quiet parts to the island with authentic bars and restaurants, but also busy holiday resorts, with English restaurants and cold beer! It's a year-round destination.
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  • Hi Bedwyr! What kind of atmosphere are you wanting?

    My favourite place to eat and drink is Los Reunidos. They have decent beer on tap (as well as tapas and steak), and plenty of cool people to keep your eyes busy while you put a few ales down the hatch.

    For a typical, Irish-style pub, take a look at the Dubliner.

    As far as more low-key stuff is concerned, just make sure you do like the locals and drink Dorada beer (it's the best one!).
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    Hi @Bruque
    Where in Tenerife can we find Los Reunidos and the Dubliner? They sound like good bars to visit
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    Hello again!

    Here are the addresses for the two bars I mentioned earlier.

    Los Reunidos: Calle Antonio Dominguez Alfonso, 38, Santa Cruz ,Tenerife
    Dubliner: Find it on the corner of Calle México and Avenue Rafael Puig Lluvina Playa de las Américas (although this is on the opposite side of the island - my memory totally blanked when I first answered this question! Sorry for the confusion!)
  • @Bedwyr when exactly are you going to be in Tenerife? Or are you already there?
  • The beaches of the Canary Island have excellent options for diving, there are many offers to go as a couple or with the family. I was 8 days with a package in the vineyard on the island, excellent weather. The truth is amazed, it is a paradise. top 10 dive sites, In group you can enjoy this type of trips more and apart you learn a lot of things from the island with people who live in it.
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