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How to get schengen visa

Hello mam i am inam ahmad from pakistan 25 years old single i want to get schengen visit visa please guide me in which country i should apply for visa and in which time please tell me which country give easily visa to pakistani citizens and what's requirements for visa. Tell me the things that we ignored and before apply and rejected embassy.. And sorry for bad communication.


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    1.) You are required to apply to the country where you will stay for the longest time. If you intend to spend equal times in the countries you visit then you apply to the country you will enter first.

    2.) There is no "easy" Schengen country.

    3.) Submit all the documents required on the application for the country that you're applying too.

    4.) Stop spamming the forum with the same cut & paste question over and over. You only need to make one Original Post.

    Good luck.

  • @inamahmad
    There is no country that gives Pakistani citizens a visa easily.
    A single man from Pakistan will find it very hard to obtain a tourist visa from any country not just the Schengen zone.
    You give very little information , for example are you employed? If you have been refused before you need to give the reason why.

    @CheersTerry has given you good advice and you only need one original post. I have removed several other posts identical to this one that you posted in other topics.
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