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Am I talking to a travel scammer? Advice, please?

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hi how are you? im talkng to a guy his traveling from germny , to spain. then he went to nigeria. but this guy from spain. he got rubb in hotel in nigeria lagos. i been talk to him since his in germny before he got in nigeria. and he need help should we need a passport and visa ?goin to california his stock now in nigeria but his a spain citizen i meet him online but i didnt see him in person yet


  • i been talking to him almost 1 yr
  • edited October 2017
    To be absolutely honest you have just wasted one year on a scammer.
    This person you have been talking to has not been robbed in Nigeria his whole idenitity is almost certainly fake.
    This story is typical of a romance scammer and you should never send money to anyone on line you have never met.
    Stop all contact with this person and do not send money.

  • 100% agree with Alethia. Stop wasting time/money/effort on a scammer.

  • Agee with @CheersTerry and @Alethia - scam, scam, scam. My advice is to stop all contact and close down the pages/programs that he/she knows. Otherwise your live will become very miserable.
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