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Best time to visit Prague and Czech Republic; What see in Czech Republic

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  • Sorry to return so late with feedback, but if anybody else is interested in travelling to Prague and the Czech Republic more widely I can confirm that September is a lovely time to go. One piece of advice: if you are heading to Prague for a big party you won't be disappointed, but if you are there primarily for a touch of culture and sophistication try to time your visit to the city during the week. I adored Prague but I found the excess of drunken stag party groups on weekends threw a dampener on my experience of the nightlife. I would suggest exploring Prague during the week and then heading out into the lovely Czech countryside or one of the nearby towns for the weekend. If you're after a peaceful holiday that is.
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    Depends what you wanna see. If you are more into sightseeing or perhaps into nightlife. . If you gonna be traveling around you should visit Český Krumlov and Český ráj. There are many hidden gems in Czech Republic so its hard to pick some specifics. :) If you ever gonna be in Kutná Hora try to visit Kostnice. It is a chapple made up entirely of human bones. Really strange place but I doubt you have ever seen something like it. :)
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