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passport requirements for Cuba, visa cost

Hello- we are looking at a last-minute holiday to Cuba. A few questions.

1) Is it easy/ quick to get a tourist visa. I live in London, is it easiest to go the the Cuban embassy? What's the cost of the visa?

2) My passport (British) runs out on 1 April, does it matter that I don't have six months left on it - we're hoping to go Cuba this month.

3) Is the hurricane season over?!

Many thanks in advance.....
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    1.) Depending on your airline the Cuban Tourist Card/Visa it may be available for purchase right at check-in. Otherwise, you can get from the embassy or use a service like these guys.

    2.) The Cubans don't care about your less than 6 months of validity (they're satisfied with 30 days) but some UK airlines will not allow you to board without 6+ months remaining on your passport.

    3.) The hurricane season traditionally runs from about June to November.

    Have fun.

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